Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not Happening

Bloggable ideas come at the least convenient times like when I’m while driving and or late at night. The thought is gone or irrelevant by the time I’m ready to post. It’s been a frustration to me for a while. I think I’ve even ranted about it in a past post and if I didn’t, I had intended to and just got sidetracked till the idea was forgotten.

To combat this phenomenon I created a word document to store ideas, opening paragraphs, and unfinished posts. It’s helped with the remembering of ideas but not with the actual sharing of finished writings. I was reading thought the entries I’ve saved and found:
-7 Sunday Scribbling prompts started but never finished
-A link to a home decor shop that I don’t remember visiting
-The words “Super well and very healthy. She’s been” I have no idea what that was about
-Three posts directly related the start of the Olympics. One was a rant about figure skating commentators, another about Canadian identity, and the last a parallel to
earning a gold medal and a lesson we were doing with the children at Kidsworld.
-A rant about an issue I had with my writing group that is no longer an issue
-home improvement plans
-Thoughts on books I was reading in January (some of which I’m still reading)
-My thoughts on Doctor Who, the killing off of the tenth doctor, and my favourite episode

Looking at the subjects I feel sad. I write but the actual posting isn’t happening. Even if I polished some of these paragraphs there is no point. Too much time has passed from when they we’re started. As my friend Jordan says, “you miss week and everything is irrelevant.” Sign…I should just delete the words but I wrote them and can’t bring myself too.

Question of the Day: which of these “old” ideas would you be interested in reading?


Jecca said...

Answer: thoughts on books you're still reading.

my problem is that the ideas stay in my head for a post, but i either can't find the time or am too lazy to spend my free time writing. a typical post for me takes an hour (more or less), even if it's short. everything has to be 'just so' and grammatically correct, and say exactly what i mean. i think that has directly resulted in a lack of blogging. :( but i've been taking pics of this current quilt and i'm excited to share them soon :)

i miss you :)

Glo said...

Yeah I would have to agree with jecca on this. but you have to admit you are doing better then i am on my blog.