Thursday, March 04, 2010

Missing TV Night

No Survivor for me tonight…my TV date was canceled due to sickness. I’ll check it on later this week. Is anyone else following the Heroes vs. Villains sage?

As teams go I am rooting for the heroes. Overall I like them the most. I feel bad when they don’t work together and want them to succeed and win all challenges till the merger. Over all favourites are Amanda, James, Cirie, Colby, and Rupert. If they are safe I don’t really care who goes home. The next time the Heroes go tribal council I think Tom will be voted out.

On the villains tribe I am cheering on Boston Rob. I’m also starting to cheer for Jerri. The first season she was on she was just annoying but she makes fun comments. I like her. I still don’t get the team dynamics so I am unsure whose working together. If the team was smart they would vote out Russell and Parvati, but they won’t. I could see Tyson, Danielle or Courtney being voted out the next tribal council.

This Weeks's Predictions:
Heroes win challenges.
Villains vote out Tyson.

If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Tom

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