Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Good Day

My friend Becca applied for an internship with Inter-varsity. Today she found out she was ACCEPTED! It is a very happy thing so we are going to go celebrate at Boston Pizza. A few other good things from today:

1) Three youth from our church expressed interest in being baptized on Easter

2) Scott asked me to preach the Sunrise service and helping lead communion on Good Friday.

3) Which reminded me that the first time I lead communion it was with root beer and a chocolate bar....

4) I was brave and called my hair salon and said I didn't like how my hair turned out on Monday. That was hard for me. They had me come back in and now I like it. This is Becca of Internship and Me with New Hair:
"Look Becca, I have hair"
"Silly Liz, you've always had hair."
"Yes, but now I like it!"

P.S. 5) we also went shopping to celebrate and these are our new spring shirts.


Jecca said...

you look super cute!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I like it...

...I'm going to add pink peek-a-boo highlights next week.