Friday, August 31, 2007

Movie Night

Last night over yummy yummy cookie dough we sat down to watch Memoirs of a Geisha. This was a first for me. I had thought the story was something different. I didn't realize it was around the WWII era. An issue was the sound, we needed to keep it quiet so as not to wake the babies. I was glad Steph was there to fill me in on the details I missed and to reassure me in the darker moments that things would get better. It was sad but beautiful. I loved it, rate it worth seeing.

The hardest part for me I wanted her to end up with a married man. What do you do when a story you love promotes things (behaviors or life styles) that don't fit with your value system or biblically based?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thankful Thursday #25

It's the 25th week of thankfulness. I wonder if there is 25 things to be thankful for. I am sure there is, it's been a full week, many things to be thankful for:

1) Adults who willingly drive teens and spend the day entire day in an amusement park for the day.
2) Sunny, hot, beautiful weather on said day that wonderful adults drove teens to amusement park.
3) Inu, even when he's being too playful for my mood, I am glad to share my apartment with him.
4) Afternoon naps
5) Early morning walks, sunrises, and Shari who joins me on these early morning walks. We started last week. It means getting up at 5:30 but it is worth the few less hours of sleep.
6) Details coming together
7) Pastor Scott, he is great to work with.
8) Surprise visits from friends (thanks Gina and Kelly)
9) Blueberries, Danielle spontaneously invited me to join her blueberry picking on Wednesday
10) My local library
11) Jane Austin stories (or movies based on her books)
12) Driving/road trips
12) Babies
13) Tyler and Denise for letting me crash at their place
14) Joyful friendship reunions
15) Cookie dough,,,,
16) STEPH!!!! What joy and blessing it is to see and talk with her. I love her muchly!

For all these things I am thankful. Life is good.
Nine short of the 25 goal, could you add to the list? What are you thankful for this day/week?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rainbows and Sugar-Cane*

Inu has thawed out. Crazy cat, this morning when I opened the fridge he climbed in again. You’d think he would be afraid but no up he jumped as if nothing happened. It must be the full moon –crazy cat.

This day has not gone as I had expected. Well some parts have and some parts haven’t. It’s been a good day but also disappointing. I am excited and worried. In about four hours I am heading to NB. I’m overjoyed to see Steph tonight yet disappointed my road trip buddies had to bail on me this morning because of things coming up in their lives. I’m very excited to visit friends in Sussex on Friday yet crushed that I won’t be able to see Jo. Satisfied about details coming together for a September 9th’s children’s ministry launch frantic about different details for the same event falling apart. It’s an emotional fruit salad but rather than feeling like I’m on an emotional roller coaster or numb I am surprisingly content.

Now I just need to wrap up a few things before I take off on my mini-holiday.
*This title is thanks to Matthew Rose.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cat Tales

Inu is doing well. He is getting use to life in our small apartment. I worry that he is lonely when I am away because his first home had his three siblings, two other cats, five kids, and two adults. It was very full; my place is the exact opposite. He gets excited when I am home, loves to play with his ball and string, enjoys pouncing on my feet when I am not excepting, and is fascinated with the inside of the refrigerator.

I told my friend Anna about how he climbs into the first shelf any time the fridge door opens. She joked that guests would think me paranoid when closing the door I ask in a panic “where’s the cat?” She could never have predicted how true that would become. This morning I opened my bedroom door expecting Inu to be waiting like every other morning. Only he wasn’t there. I could hear him but I couldn’t find him. I checked a few places he’s been trapped before still couldn’t find him. Went to the kitchen, his voice was louder but I still couldn’t see him. Open the fridge door…there he was laying behind a large bowl on the bottom shelf. I felt horrible; I didn’t notice he had climbed in last night. His paws were so cold; he was fine after a good cuddle and some food. But still, poor Inu

Monday, August 27, 2007

Liquid Gold

I have one true love in my life –Fanta. Well, no, that is a bit extreme, though I do enjoy it greatly. I hadn’t heard about the fruit soft-drink till my internship, funny cause it is 180 countries. Now it is liquid joy to me. I sadly haven’t seen any Fanta in two years till last week. Its now in Nova Scotian stores. Not just that they had "new" flavours (or new to me) Wildberry, Ruby Tangerine, and Cream Soda. The first tragedy was they weren’t as good as I had hoped, I was very disappointed. The only real Fanta is Fanta Pineapple. I hope you all can one day enjoy this sweet heavenly drink. The second tragedy, the stores here don't have Pineapple.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last Exile

I just finished an anime series I’ve been watching. I liked it even it if was confusing and great characters were killed off. Closure is good, but I really hate that its done. It makes my heart ache. I get like this at the end good books too. I am hungry for more and there is nothing left. Endings are sad, yet happy. Right now I just feel the sad.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Movie Marathon

It started Wednesday night with The Fellowship of the Ring, last night was The Two Towers. I am moments away from the end….The Return of the King. Its been awhile since I’ve watched all of them. One of the guys in the youth group got the idea for an extended marathon. It started with six and it looks like there will be ten tonight. I am so pumped for tonight…I just hope I can stay awake. I think its time for me to read the books again.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #24

I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.
Psalm 7:17

I am thankful for my church, for Pastor Scott and Shari, and for unexpected volunteers when a void seems impossible to fill. I am thankful for sunrises and sleep. I am thankful for good friends, for movie nights, and upcoming road trips. I am thankful for children’s laughter, good books, and Scripture speaking to my needs. And I am just thankful for this day. These are all blessings from God.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Last night I was driving out to Kingswood Camp. I set out with directions and “experience”. A few weeks back I had gone with a church family to drop off their son for the week. I tried to observe, my clearest memory was a dirt road.

I left at an hour early just in case I got lost. Made all my turns, recognized landmarks and was on the road I needed to be on. The directions said I needed to be on the road for 20 some minutes, and I knew it was suppose to be a dirt road. The trouble was the road I was on was paved. The more I drove the more I doubted. I stopped read over the directions and was sure I hadn’t missed anything. I kept going but I was worried and frustrated. The doubt grew. I stopped turned around and drove back 30 minutes to a store and asked for directions.

Turns out I had been right all along. I just needed to keep going. So I went back the way I had come still following the original directions which and been confirmed as accurate. Less than five minutes from where I turned around the road became dirt. Not long after that I arrived safely at Kingswood. Does anyone else drive and doubt the directions (or ability to follow said directions)? The summers I traveled for the school Josh M. never got lost (or maybe he did and covered it up very well…). That always amazed me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Girls’ Best Friend

Growing up I had a hamster and two salamanders but was never allowed a dog or kitten. My non-pet-people parents just said I could get one when I had my own place. Sadly moving out didn’t really allow for four legged pets either.

So in college I had a fish named Rover. In Japan I had some great fish (Honey, Jaws, Godzilla, Sushi, and Bookshelf) and some that didn’t live long enough to be named. And then I moved into an apartment that had a no pet policy. My hopes of a furry companion were dashed upon the jagged threat of eviction.

Till last month, when the property was sold to a new family who moved upstairs with their two cats. Around the same time a friend’s cat gave birth to four kittens. I asked the new owners and they gave the okay for me to keep one of the kittens.

Met Inu (Japanese for dog), my kitten. He’s about 10 weeks old and has been mine for two weeks today. He likes string, socks, and pouncing on my feet. I’m still getting use to having a pet but its great fun (except when the pouncing draws blood, I am such a wimp).

Monday, August 20, 2007

In Days Gone By…

…but so long ago.

July was great. All these things happened that I wanted to blog about but couldn’t cause I had sworn off blogging, which was really frustrating for the first three weeks of the six week blog fast. Now is as good of time as any to update the details of the last few weeks:

July 1-6 I was at Caton’s Island as the kid’s camp speaker. The week was a blast and the staff was great. I loved speaking to the kids about God each chapel. The camp actually had two different camps happening at the same time. I would speak to the younger group about faith heroes and lessons we can learn from their lives in the morning and after supper I talked to the older kids about being a Christ follower. It was challenging and stretching and amazing. It was also great just hanging out in the office with Stacy and Deborah and seeing Dani again.

July 9-13 was Beulah week. This was my first time and it was not what I expected ant that is a good thing. The speaker said things I needed to hear, saw good friends and classmates. I loved the late night talks with my roommate and beating Robin at Settlers.

I spent the next week recovering from the first two weeks and preparing for VBS which started on July 23. That was a full week but thankfully a woman in our church was willing to continue her role as the coordinator for her fifth and final year. She did an amazing job. I was a story-teller and a gopher but for the most part I could sit back and observer.

Pastor Scott began his holidays during VBS. As he left we joked about this being the only times I am a “sr. pastor” then I added…”Scott no one is allowed to die while your away!” The thought of all the responsibility scares me to no end…thankfully everyone got the memo and no one ever was sick. I preached those two Sundays first on stepping in faith (from Hebrews 11) and then next week on staying faithful (Hebrews 12:1-3). It was nice being in big peoples church. Though I have heard no end of short jokes on who they could barely see me over the pulpit.

The last big thing was an overnight canoe trip. It was a crazy 24hrs. The wind was in our face the whole paddle to the island making a regularly 2 hour trip 4. It was everything camp should be with marshmallows, swimming, and gunnel bobbing. I actually spent the trip reading the Harry Potter. The wind was at our back on the return trip, we made better time drifting then the day before when we were straining. The teens loved it so I think we’ll do it again.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Movie Night

It has movie night at my place tonight. Picking movies is always a challenge. Gina and Kelly came over around 7 and we watched Mansfield Park, a wonderful Jane Austin story. When it was done we were still in a movie mood, so we rented four more.

Got back home and settled on a film festival piece called The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief. It is not what we had expected, reading the back is sounded like a story but it was actually a documentary. The site gives a clearer synopsis:

"The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief," introduces an extraordinary hidden world of Japanese nightlife in Osaka's Cafe Rakkyo. The denizens of this glamorous demi-monde, dedicated to partying till they drop, are captured by first time documentary producer/director, Jake Clennell with candid and poignant insight. Presided over by the charismatic, enigmatic Issei, the number one "host boy" in town, the club offers a new twist on the ancient geisha tradition. Glamorous host boys make beautiful young women laugh, feel good about their lives -- and pay handsomely for their pleasure. In this secret, outcast society of wealthy young people, money seems to mean easy gratification. But all these stylish players have to pay for their pleasures, and they can cost more than money.
I really liked it, and not just because it took place in Osaka, Japan. The honest of the lies the guys tell and the emptiness their customers feel just hit me. Issei said he doesn’t sell sex, he says girls their dreams and has to keep them dreaming to make money. Another shared that the girls come to the club to be healed, that is their job to heal girl’s emotional wounds. The director laid out his story well because you first see the guys and villains yet in the end they are just as lonely, hurt and manipulated too. I think its worth seeing if you like human interest stories or documentaries. Mostly it made me long for Japan.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wisdom From Earthsea

I’ve finally started reading Ursula Le Guin’s famous Earthsea series. Not sure famous is the right word, she started writing in the 60s but I hadn’t heard of Earthsea till three years ago when my dad and I rented the made for TV movie. It was enjoyable, a bit predictable but it fit the mood we were in. Last year my good friend Maki watch an amazing movie based on the series' third book. Since then I’ve seen her name or the books mentioned in different settings.

So far the movie is pretty close to the book, but the book is of course far better. It’s not for those who don’t like wizards, or magic, or fantasy or fiction in general. But I like it. This morning I came across this quote, stopped and read it a second time, then read it again. Such truth in the words and not just for young mages…

You thought, as a boy, that a mage is one who can do anything. So I thought, once. So did we all. And the truth is that as a man's real power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower: untill at last he chooses nothing, but does only and wholly what he must do...."
-Master Summoner
from Ursula Le Guin's
A Wizard of Earthsea

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #23

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.
Psalm 105:1

Today was an excellent day. A few frustrations were resolved, plans came together, and surprises occurred. I am thankful for this day, and here are some of the reasons…

I had a really good staff meeting today, it was more vision casting, didn’t realize we had talked for almost two hours. And I am excited to see what will happen.

The finial grade of my His and Dis course arrived today…A-. A happy dance was done. Second blessing, all my pre-ordination classes are done.

A replacement for my missing cell phone arrived today three days earlier than I had expected.

I watched the final results show of So You Think You Can Dance. Yesterday I was disappointed to learn that Danielle was going to be away, since I normally watch it with her. It seemed there was no way to see it but one of the girls that also goes to Danielle’s invited to watch with her. She also invited a co-worker who was great fun. I had such a wonderful time.

It is a good to be alive.

...And Back Again

It is later than I had originally planned to return by two weeks (deepest apologies to anyone who is truly offend by the delay) but return I have and for good. I was strongly considering ending my blogging career, if it be called a career since no one is paying me. Yet surprisingly I missed it. I really missed blogging. I missed the style, the comments, the challenge, and even the self imposed deadlines. Even if no one ever reads my site again, I have found joy and satisfaction in just writing. So it is here to stay.