Friday, August 24, 2007

Movie Marathon

It started Wednesday night with The Fellowship of the Ring, last night was The Two Towers. I am moments away from the end….The Return of the King. Its been awhile since I’ve watched all of them. One of the guys in the youth group got the idea for an extended marathon. It started with six and it looks like there will be ten tonight. I am so pumped for tonight…I just hope I can stay awake. I think its time for me to read the books again.


William said...

Hey Liz

Me, Jeff and some friends are doing that tomorrow. All three Lord of the Rings movies (extended editions) Back-Back-Back starting at 10am and finishing about 12 hours later :) And I few days ago I did the same thing with the three Back to the Future movies. Marathons are fun!


Elizabeth said...

Too true, marathons are great fun. I think we might do an Indiana Jones marathon next.