Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rainbows and Sugar-Cane*

Inu has thawed out. Crazy cat, this morning when I opened the fridge he climbed in again. You’d think he would be afraid but no up he jumped as if nothing happened. It must be the full moon –crazy cat.

This day has not gone as I had expected. Well some parts have and some parts haven’t. It’s been a good day but also disappointing. I am excited and worried. In about four hours I am heading to NB. I’m overjoyed to see Steph tonight yet disappointed my road trip buddies had to bail on me this morning because of things coming up in their lives. I’m very excited to visit friends in Sussex on Friday yet crushed that I won’t be able to see Jo. Satisfied about details coming together for a September 9th’s children’s ministry launch frantic about different details for the same event falling apart. It’s an emotional fruit salad but rather than feeling like I’m on an emotional roller coaster or numb I am surprisingly content.

Now I just need to wrap up a few things before I take off on my mini-holiday.
*This title is thanks to Matthew Rose.

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Robin said...

Mmm... fruit salad.