Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cat Tales

Inu is doing well. He is getting use to life in our small apartment. I worry that he is lonely when I am away because his first home had his three siblings, two other cats, five kids, and two adults. It was very full; my place is the exact opposite. He gets excited when I am home, loves to play with his ball and string, enjoys pouncing on my feet when I am not excepting, and is fascinated with the inside of the refrigerator.

I told my friend Anna about how he climbs into the first shelf any time the fridge door opens. She joked that guests would think me paranoid when closing the door I ask in a panic “where’s the cat?” She could never have predicted how true that would become. This morning I opened my bedroom door expecting Inu to be waiting like every other morning. Only he wasn’t there. I could hear him but I couldn’t find him. I checked a few places he’s been trapped before still couldn’t find him. Went to the kitchen, his voice was louder but I still couldn’t see him. Open the fridge door…there he was laying behind a large bowl on the bottom shelf. I felt horrible; I didn’t notice he had climbed in last night. His paws were so cold; he was fine after a good cuddle and some food. But still, poor Inu


Robin said...

Wow, the SPCA would love you.

Sarah Gomez said...


That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Is he ok????

matthew said...

that actually is really fun. sadly, though, we DO have to report you.

Robin said...

Hey Liz, on an unrelated note, what happened to your other blog?

Nata said...

Pajamas got trapped in the fridge on her first visit to my inlaws. She was found sitting very calmly several shelves up amidst some soft drinks. She never learned her lesson, and has to be shooed out quite often.

Overnight, though; that's traumatic!

Elizabeth said...

Robin, um...I forgot about it. Maybe it will come back.

Nata, Inu was fairly calm and keeps going back so maybe not as traumatic as first imagined?

Anonymous said...

Wow....well, I'm glad you prefaced this story on Facebook by saying, "Michael...don't hate me." because if I thought you had taken this lightly I'd be breaking my foot off in your ass right now. Knowing you're not the type who would think this purely funny (like some others...harumph!) I understand and have myself made mistakes as a new pet owner in the past.
Thus sayeth the Lord.