Monday, August 20, 2007

In Days Gone By…

…but so long ago.

July was great. All these things happened that I wanted to blog about but couldn’t cause I had sworn off blogging, which was really frustrating for the first three weeks of the six week blog fast. Now is as good of time as any to update the details of the last few weeks:

July 1-6 I was at Caton’s Island as the kid’s camp speaker. The week was a blast and the staff was great. I loved speaking to the kids about God each chapel. The camp actually had two different camps happening at the same time. I would speak to the younger group about faith heroes and lessons we can learn from their lives in the morning and after supper I talked to the older kids about being a Christ follower. It was challenging and stretching and amazing. It was also great just hanging out in the office with Stacy and Deborah and seeing Dani again.

July 9-13 was Beulah week. This was my first time and it was not what I expected ant that is a good thing. The speaker said things I needed to hear, saw good friends and classmates. I loved the late night talks with my roommate and beating Robin at Settlers.

I spent the next week recovering from the first two weeks and preparing for VBS which started on July 23. That was a full week but thankfully a woman in our church was willing to continue her role as the coordinator for her fifth and final year. She did an amazing job. I was a story-teller and a gopher but for the most part I could sit back and observer.

Pastor Scott began his holidays during VBS. As he left we joked about this being the only times I am a “sr. pastor” then I added…”Scott no one is allowed to die while your away!” The thought of all the responsibility scares me to no end…thankfully everyone got the memo and no one ever was sick. I preached those two Sundays first on stepping in faith (from Hebrews 11) and then next week on staying faithful (Hebrews 12:1-3). It was nice being in big peoples church. Though I have heard no end of short jokes on who they could barely see me over the pulpit.

The last big thing was an overnight canoe trip. It was a crazy 24hrs. The wind was in our face the whole paddle to the island making a regularly 2 hour trip 4. It was everything camp should be with marshmallows, swimming, and gunnel bobbing. I actually spent the trip reading the Harry Potter. The wind was at our back on the return trip, we made better time drifting then the day before when we were straining. The teens loved it so I think we’ll do it again.


Robin said...

3 things...

Just so you know, I just won TWO consecutive games of Settlers, so there.

Next time you preach, just get rid of the pulpit altogether.

What is "gunnel bobbing"???

Elizabeth said...

1) True...

2) I was thinking that, not sure how some would feel about it.

3) When two stand on the gunnels (gunwales?) of the canoe, each at opposite ends and bob up and down trying to make the other person fall off. Normally it end with both people in the water.