Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Map Quest Lied and Other May Rally Happenings

Saturday evening, while driving back from Hillside, I asked the four youth in my car what the highlight of weekend. One of the girls got excited, “I have two! Can I have two?” I nodded for her to go on wondering if she was going to say the speaker, the worship, maybe the swimming. I was completely:

“Well the first was when Susie* tried to open the door of someone else’s van. The other was when that driver gave you the finger. I still think you should have flipped him off.”

Who couldn’t ask for greater highlights from a rally? Well, I did. These are my memories, thoughts, and lessons learned from May Rally:

-Our church got a government grant for a summer student. Mike Stairs, a second year BBC student, started this weekend. This was happy because we needed a diver/male chaperon to go.
-It was both Mike’s and my first time to Hillside. We found directions from Map Quest…Map Quest lied. We explored the greater Halifax area for an hour and twenty minutes.
-I am glad we were late for the starting events; it meant we missed all the gross competitions that involved vomiting.
-The band was great but it is hard to worship when ALL the songs are new.
-My mind wanders a lot when it’s learning new songs. I have a dozen ideas for VBS and the fall launch swimming in my head.
-Billeting can be fun.
-Walking through Mic Mac Mall with a group of guys is a completely different experience than going with a group of girls.
-Yoyos bring hours of joy.
-The messages fit our youth group and are going to be a starting point for serving.
-I don’t recover from a weekend like this as fast as I did five years ago
-My cats don’t like me being away…there was a “nice” present in front of the littler box just waiting for my return.

All that was the weekend give or take a few details. It was good.

*name has been changed to protect her identity

Monday, May 12, 2008

And The Winner Is…


For one of the best seasons ever I was disappointed with the end. Neither of the ladies I was rooting for took home a million dollars nor where there any “big” moments. After four blindsides in a row the end was anti-climatic. I just have to wait for Survivor: Gabon (Africa) “The Last Eden” to see if the show redeems itself. What a cheesy subtitle.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I’m at friends’ place eagerly waiting the season finale two hour special of Survivor: Fans vs. Favourites. Has anyone else been following this season? The show seems to have lost some of its original coolness; maybe from other reality shows taking the lime light or just too many seasons. In spite of those factors this is one of my favourite seasons. It is up there with Australia with Elizabeth and All-Stars. There have been so many twists, blindsides, and people leaving without being voted off. It has been hilarious to watch.

Two weeks ago Amanda was told she was going home, got sent to exile island, learned the hidden immunity idol was back in camp, came back showed everyone she didn’t have it, searched for it while people were eating, and pulled it out at tribal council. It was a shock to everyone. The voting off of the 5th person was equally wonderful. The guy gave up the idol. Why would you do that? If you’re a Canadian, Global allows you to watch pervious episodes on their site.

There are four girls left. Who will win? I am hoping for Amanda or Cirie.