Sunday, May 11, 2008


I’m at friends’ place eagerly waiting the season finale two hour special of Survivor: Fans vs. Favourites. Has anyone else been following this season? The show seems to have lost some of its original coolness; maybe from other reality shows taking the lime light or just too many seasons. In spite of those factors this is one of my favourite seasons. It is up there with Australia with Elizabeth and All-Stars. There have been so many twists, blindsides, and people leaving without being voted off. It has been hilarious to watch.

Two weeks ago Amanda was told she was going home, got sent to exile island, learned the hidden immunity idol was back in camp, came back showed everyone she didn’t have it, searched for it while people were eating, and pulled it out at tribal council. It was a shock to everyone. The voting off of the 5th person was equally wonderful. The guy gave up the idol. Why would you do that? If you’re a Canadian, Global allows you to watch pervious episodes on their site.

There are four girls left. Who will win? I am hoping for Amanda or Cirie.

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