Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Map Quest Lied and Other May Rally Happenings

Saturday evening, while driving back from Hillside, I asked the four youth in my car what the highlight of weekend. One of the girls got excited, “I have two! Can I have two?” I nodded for her to go on wondering if she was going to say the speaker, the worship, maybe the swimming. I was completely:

“Well the first was when Susie* tried to open the door of someone else’s van. The other was when that driver gave you the finger. I still think you should have flipped him off.”

Who couldn’t ask for greater highlights from a rally? Well, I did. These are my memories, thoughts, and lessons learned from May Rally:

-Our church got a government grant for a summer student. Mike Stairs, a second year BBC student, started this weekend. This was happy because we needed a diver/male chaperon to go.
-It was both Mike’s and my first time to Hillside. We found directions from Map Quest…Map Quest lied. We explored the greater Halifax area for an hour and twenty minutes.
-I am glad we were late for the starting events; it meant we missed all the gross competitions that involved vomiting.
-The band was great but it is hard to worship when ALL the songs are new.
-My mind wanders a lot when it’s learning new songs. I have a dozen ideas for VBS and the fall launch swimming in my head.
-Billeting can be fun.
-Walking through Mic Mac Mall with a group of guys is a completely different experience than going with a group of girls.
-Yoyos bring hours of joy.
-The messages fit our youth group and are going to be a starting point for serving.
-I don’t recover from a weekend like this as fast as I did five years ago
-My cats don’t like me being away…there was a “nice” present in front of the littler box just waiting for my return.

All that was the weekend give or take a few details. It was good.

*name has been changed to protect her identity

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