Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Children’s Musical: The Greatest Gift

The Children's Christmas musical has become an annual event at New Hope, this was my fourth year directing the production (is that the right word for the event? Someone took issues with my use of it two years ago and now I hesitate to use it at all, but what else fits?). The only difference was this year, for the first time ever, we did the whole thing twice in two back-to-back morning services on December 13th. It was a long day.

I forgot to have my camera ready so I had no pictures. Thankfully there were moms watching who eternally captured the children on digital cameras and loaded the images and videos onto facebook. I can't figure out how to show the videos here. But you can see three of the songs on my page.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Boxing Day!
The Christmas season has been wonderful.

I flew from Halifax to Ottawa on the 20th. There was a small delay due to weather but not a big setback.

The 21st we did some family Christmas shopping. I had everyone's gift but was still spending.

The 22nd Lee-Ann and I saw The Princess and the Frog (I'll give a review in the new year if anyone is interested).

The 23rd I had a lunch reunion with one of my dearest high school friends. It was wonderful!

The 24th was a mix of more shopping, picking up Aunt Beth, a beautiful Christmas Eve service, and late night gift wrapping (and the discovery that I had left some gifts at home in NS).

The 25th we did the morning Christmas thing, ate breakfast, packed in a rush, and was driving to Hamilton 30 minutes earlier than planned. After checking in to the hotel we joined the whole Stewart family for a wonderful restaurant Christmas meal.

And that's been my Christmas. Hope yours has been as joyful.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten Days Later

I find getting back into a routine after the slightest disturbance difficult. Organization is not my strength to begin with. Add an all-nighter, youth event, or even a simple weekend away and my already poorly organized life spinning out of control. I cannot begin to explain the havoc NaNoWriMo has on order and routine.

Therefore Post-November is all about recovery. Taking a break from writing and breaking bad habits. This was my third year participating and I developed new bad habits 1)drinking too much caffeine 2) eating out/fast food or only buying microwavable meals 3) clutter. That is the bad side of nanowrimo.

The good side: I’m ready to write again. Other than work related writing this is the first writing I’ve done since NaNoWriMo ended. But I am ready to start working on my story, more than that I want to work on it. This is the first time in my nano experience that I still liked my story idea post-event. My 2010 plan…actually edit “Across Eldamar.”

Wednesday, December 09, 2009