Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten Days Later

I find getting back into a routine after the slightest disturbance difficult. Organization is not my strength to begin with. Add an all-nighter, youth event, or even a simple weekend away and my already poorly organized life spinning out of control. I cannot begin to explain the havoc NaNoWriMo has on order and routine.

Therefore Post-November is all about recovery. Taking a break from writing and breaking bad habits. This was my third year participating and I developed new bad habits 1)drinking too much caffeine 2) eating out/fast food or only buying microwavable meals 3) clutter. That is the bad side of nanowrimo.

The good side: I’m ready to write again. Other than work related writing this is the first writing I’ve done since NaNoWriMo ended. But I am ready to start working on my story, more than that I want to work on it. This is the first time in my nano experience that I still liked my story idea post-event. My 2010 plan…actually edit “Across Eldamar.”

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