Saturday, December 26, 2009


Boxing Day!
The Christmas season has been wonderful.

I flew from Halifax to Ottawa on the 20th. There was a small delay due to weather but not a big setback.

The 21st we did some family Christmas shopping. I had everyone's gift but was still spending.

The 22nd Lee-Ann and I saw The Princess and the Frog (I'll give a review in the new year if anyone is interested).

The 23rd I had a lunch reunion with one of my dearest high school friends. It was wonderful!

The 24th was a mix of more shopping, picking up Aunt Beth, a beautiful Christmas Eve service, and late night gift wrapping (and the discovery that I had left some gifts at home in NS).

The 25th we did the morning Christmas thing, ate breakfast, packed in a rush, and was driving to Hamilton 30 minutes earlier than planned. After checking in to the hotel we joined the whole Stewart family for a wonderful restaurant Christmas meal.

And that's been my Christmas. Hope yours has been as joyful.

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