Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It’s 12:34 and Something is Missing…

Writer’s block is one of my least favourite things. As much as I dislike it there is something worst. Is that possible? Yes, yes it is, having something to say and not having it come together right. That for me is worst. I like writing but struggle to say the simplest thing. It is like the words I want just go missing, or maybe the knowledge of how to use them.

"hmmm...yes, that would be frustrating. If only we lived in a world where words and Ritz crackers flowed freely" –Matthew Rose.
Well said Matthew, well said!

I am still hoping for some personal stories on how you have heard from God. If you have a testimony you are willing to let me use tomorrow at you please comment or email me at And let the Ritz crackers flow

This is My Story This is My Song

Last week I shared how the teens in my youth group came up with a list of questions they have about life, God, faith and the Church. The plan is to use their questions as the direction of the weekly youth talk. This Thursday we will be looking at their second question:
How do we hear from God and know his will for our lives?
I would like to show biblical principle and share examples. I need your help with the testimonies. If you are have an experience that you feel would help answer the student’s questions and would let me use it this Thursday please leave a comment or email me at

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On This Day a Few Moons (or so) Ago

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
Have A Happy Day.
I love you!

Monday, May 28, 2007

My Father Is My Hero!*

I spent my afternoon trying to connect with friends to see Spiderman 3 tonight. Phone tag and rejection are not fun but after much searching and calling a group of us went to the 9:35 show. I might share my thoughts on the movie tomorrow or not. We’ll wait and see. Today’s struggle to find people reminded me of horrible day in high school that led to my greatest movie date -EVER!

It was the first Saturday of Christmas break. I was so excited. No, I was beyond excited, like a five-year old Christmas Eve excited. My parents had delayed the road trip to the relatives till Tuesday so that I could go to go a friend's Christmas party Monday night (they are great!) AND, this particular Saturday the same friend and I had planned to go to the movies.

I had been anticipating the show for weeks. We both had and knowing how much I wanted to see it friend had said movie-watching would be my Christmas present. Others from our group of friends had found out about our movie plans and asked to join. I didn’t mind, the more the merrier, right? All that mattered I was that my dearest friend and I were going to see a movie together. Everything felt right with the world.

About an hour or so before we were going to meet I get a call. There had been a change in plans. One of the group was busy and couldn't make a Saturday show, but she was free on Tuesday. Everyone else had already agreed to go on Tuesday, and did I mind? I did...because I would be on the road heading to see family. I tried to explain that I would be gone already and this was the only day I could see the movie...which was why we had made our "Christmas present plans" for Saturday. Her response, not her exact words but the tone and feeling they gave were, “well that is your fault”. The group had already decided. If I wanted I join them watching rented movies for the rest of the afternoon. I said I would see them soon.

I was crushed; this was suppose to be my special-Christmas-present-friendship-time-outing. After I hung up the phone I began to cry. The tears soon turned into a flood. Please don’t think less of me but I was broken hearted and I cried like a baby. I wailed like a baby. To the point that my parents came running upstairs to comfort me thinking that one of my friends had died. Through the sobs I told my parents of the change in plans, that I would miss the movie, and that after I washed my face I was going to go over to the friends house.

It was at that moment when my dad firmly stated, “No you're not." I was a little stunned. My parents never stopped me from hanging out with my group. But before I could question him he continued: "If my little girl wants to go see this movie today than my little girl will go see the movie today -and I will take her!”

And he did! He took me to see a cartoon. A movie he didn’t care to see but knew that I would love. And I did, I loved every minute of it. I think it was even sweeter because it was with my dad. My dad is my hero! That first date started a Christmas movie date tradition that my dad has kept every year. Our father-daughter movie dates is one of my absolute favourite Christmas traditions.

I love my dad!

*Originally titled "A Father Moment" edited at title change June 16, 2011

Sunday, May 27, 2007

You are the Light of the World

Today I had the privilege of driving a woman to the church for the 12-hour prayer vigil. She told me a little of how Jesus and her choice to follow him have changed her life. She has peace and hope that she never found before. She said her favourite place is the church. But the choice has not been easy. She has lost friends. People she loves try to stop her from going to church. One Sunday her car was missing so she had to walk…it’s at least a five-mile walk. Today the brake line was cut on her car hindering her from driving to the church, which is why I drove her.

The things that stood out to me as she talked were her love for those who where acting against her. She truly loves and prays for them, how much she clings to the Scriptures, that the church is the place she feels the safest, and her desire to share the truth with anyone who will listen. She told me about how she’s been telling two children she baby-sits about Jesus and the boy said “good, because I have a goblin inside me.” Today I was reminded that faith in Jesus can and should be real and active. Today I was inspired.

A Father Moment: When I was very young dad had this voice he would do on car rides called “Captain Canada”. I don’t remember what types of things Captain Canada said or how the voice went but for me it is a wonderful memory. I love my dad.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sundry Thoughts on my Life

1) I need to make a correction to something I said earlier. Amy was right, House’s finale has yet to air. I saw the preview tonight.

2) Erwin needed a new tire. It was damaged beyond repair. But the man who helped me Wednesday bought a used tire for me, changed it, then asked to take the car to fill the other tires with more air, and when I got my car back the tank was full (it had been moments from the warning light coming on for being too low).

3) I think I am going to take an art class. Today I was in town and saw a sign about Ladybug Studios. As soon as I could I called for more details. Now it is just a matter of there being enough students to run the class.

4) I bought flowers today, pink tulips.

5) Tomorrow the church is having a 12-hour prayer vigil, from 6am till 6pm. I’m signed up for 7 or 8 so I should head to bed soon. I’ll end with a father moment:

My dad took me on amazing adventures. When we moved to a new area he wanted us to experience all it had to offer. We’d go camping, hiking, driving. Some of my favourite family moments came on those trips. Then he put me in girl guides, which was a good thing for me. And he helped out. I can use a compass, cook over fire, and build a lean-to because of my dad. Without him I would never have gone snowshoeing, climbed up a waterfall, or hiked Cape-Split. I love my Dad!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #17

Yesterday I learned that I am not as independent as I thought I was. I was in Greenwood visiting, as I left it took me seconds to realize something was wrong with Erwin (my car). It was a flat tire. I went back to the house I had been at where a gentleman from the church removed the tire and put the spare on. He also took the flat one to see if it could be patched by his son, who is a mechanic.

That afternoon I was thankful that I wasn’t hurt, that no one else was hurt, that I was close to someone who could help, and that it wasn’t something more serious then a flat tire. I am also thankful for all the times I drive and nothing goes wrong, that I have a car, and that it might only take a plug to fix it and not a new tire.

The rest of the week seems simple in comparison to yesterday’s car troubles. The things that come to mind that I thank God for:

-My family
-MSN, I normally complain about how it disconnects us from people but today I was able to talk to Selinda for a few moments and it was wonderful.
-Visiting with friends in their homes.
-Taking an afternoon walk in the spring with friends.

I’m also thankful for my father. He is the most generous person I know. He loves to give and share the blessings God has given him. He helps people in practical ways and has shown me that being a Christian is love in action. I love my dad!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

They Asked

I asked the students in our youth group to write down any questions they had about God, Christianity and the Church. They came up with 25 questions on a variety of issues like the evil in the world and people who claim to be Christians but don’t act like it. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be seeking answers to their questions at youth.

Tomorrow is going to be the first attempt with this idea and I am a little nervous. I am not sure what format to use. Whether to have one large group or small groups or to use a talk show style, panel, or round the room discussion. I’m also concerned about allowing them to discover the answers without saying that whatever they feel is 'right' is always true. I want them to think for themselves with out condoning relativism. The first two questions are:

Why does God not show how he answers your prayers?
Why does God not talk to people like he did to Moses?

It’s going to be an interesting night.

A father moment: I love talks with my dad. They can be on any subject from life, love and other mysteries to theology. I also love how most talks end in a Charlyology lesson. My life is richer because of Charlyology. I love my dad!

Star Light. Star Bright.

I like where my apartment is located. It is between two towns. I’m close to everything yet at the same time there is nothing around my house but trees. It’s connection and seclusion mixed with a closeness to nature. This is most wonderful at night when the lights of stars aren’t dimmed by the street nights.

Tonight I looked up at the also clear sky to see sparkling little lights twinkling back at me. It wasn’t a super deep God moment, but there was something special. I took a few minutes to search for constellations. I managed to locate Ursa Major (Big Dipper). I blame the lack of more on the clouds and the season. Normally the only other three I can find are Cassiopeia and Orion’s Belt. I think I’d like to be able to locate more…and know the myths behind them. The stories fascinate me. Does anyone else go star hunting?

My dad actually got me interested in stars. When I was a Girl Guide he helped me earn my Astronomy badge. My dad always helps me meet the challenges in my life. I love him dearly.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Is It...For a Few Months

After weeks of waiting the season finale of Heroes was tonight. I hate when my anticipation is higher than the actual event. I enjoyed the show but felt a little let down. The major conflict was wrapped up but seemed tiny after weeks of leading up to it. There was one comment/statement by Molly that opened questions but it didn’t create that much suspense in me. I was expecting a few more twists for a show that has kept me guessing most of the season. So far my favourite finale was CSI with a cliff-hanger that has me totally frustrated for the fall. Which got me thinking what makes a season finale good? I think it is the suspense and twist that makes you wait for the next season. What do you think?
The End

Also, I love my dad. Just thinking how he gives amazing hugs. He’s the best.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Twice Upon a Time…

…was the name of a story I loved as a child. The king wanted to be the best by having two of everything till he learned that twice isn’t always better. I hate when twice isn’t better for movies. The first time is great, some element grabs me and I adore it. I watch it again later thinking that this will be wonderful. I am even excited. Only to have my spirits crushed with disappointment and the knowledge that I hate it now. Leaving me to ponder, "what was I thinking the first time?"

Yesterday I watched Howl’s Moving Castle for the second time. I was worried the above phenomenon would happen. I truly adored the story the first time. There was something fresh and freeing about the story. I was captivated by Sophie’s quest. I can very happily say I still love the movie. I look at it a little different, but that is to be expected I’ve had a year to grow from the person I was. It is an animation and has a fanciful fairy tale feel. If that isn’t you’re cup of tea, I’d suggest passing on this one. I do adore it and believe Howl’s Moving Castle is worth watching.

I tried to post a preview of the movie from youtube. It’s not here yet maybe it is just slow, or they have a system error, or more likely I made a mistake. Who knows it might be up tomorrow.

I think I got my love for fairy tales were from my Dad. I remember his copy of the Hobbit sitting on the coffee table and thinking it looked interesting and that when I was a big girl I would read it. I love my dad. He’s wonderful.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #16

I woke this morning frustrated with the gray sky, the rain falling, and even more with still being sick. I wanted to be grumpy and could not think of what I was thankful for. Poor attitude on my part. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, friends, shelter, food, a job I am passionate about. God has blessed me. Today I choose to be faithful.

-Anime, it reminds me of Japan and I think it is pretty. Yea for youtube, I was able to watch many as I lay in bed too icky to move much.
-A very kind neighbour who knocks on my door to see if I am okay and offers to go into town to pick up anything I need because she can tell that I am sick.
-Missionaries and faithful Christians who lived before us and those who recorded their history.
-Good youth talks
-Reconnecting with lost friends, yea facebook.
-TV nights with friends, who are still friends after they move to another town.
-Cliff-hangers, CSI had a good one tonight, waiting for the fall to see what will happen is going to be frustrating.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


One week till the season finale…very excited. Sadly none of my friends in the immediate area are avid Heroes fans meaning Monday night I’ll alone to savoir the joy and live in anticipation of promised plot twists. TV watching is better with friends.

With heroes come nemeses, mine have been mice. For the past few weeks my house’s has had these very unwelcome guests who aren’t helping with the rent. This past weekend the frustration continued, I was sitting on my couch watching TV, when a one ran across the floor and stopped inches for me. My feet quietly came up. Not sure what it was going to do I watched and waited. It looked at me before running under the couch, the couch I was sitting on. Moments later it crawled out then ran up the side of my backpack and climbed in. There was a mouse in my backpack. I sat for a moment that fact hit me. I grabbed the phone while standing on a chair on the other side of the room called a family in the church. Ten minutes later their two teenage sons knocked on the door ready to do battle. They took the bag outside and dealt with the mouse while I sat in the van chatting with their mom. My house has one less mouse and that is a real life tale of two everyday heroes.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #15

This has been a good week, a very good week indeed. Looking back these are a few of the moments or things I am thankful for:
  • The chance to have bring my new neighbour cookies, which turned into a cup of tea that continued into supper and ended after a movie. It was a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  • The privilege of being apart of four of my students’ baptisms this past Sunday.
  • The wind. Mid-morning today I stepped out of the office. Flew my kite (I got it for my birthday) in the church parking lot. It almost went higher than that church. Then went back to work.
  • Good fairy tales.
  • The return of spring
  • The lack of mice sounds for it might mean they are finally gone.
  • This new blog look, which I realise was the centre of yesterdays post but it makes me happy and shall continue to do so for awhile. Yea for creative people who design blog layouts! Yea for spring and girlie!
  • Creative friends who use their talents well and for Ned because he makes me smile (Jeff, if you still read this, I think you’d like Ned too).
  • My beautiful bouquet of dandelions picked especially for me by five year old and her mummy:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In The Air

Started reading a new book today by Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts. It opens with his thoughts on leaving and the very real start of the journey he took. The end of the chapter stirred something in me. It spoke to me of change in the air. I would share his words but the book is at the church and I am at home.

I’ve also been reading George MacDonald’s Phantastes, it’s my ‘at home’ book. It is also awakening something within me. It inspires me and challenges me to discover. I think that is why this evening I sat in my car after arriving home from work. I just sat and watched the trees dance. Maybe that’s too ‘artsy fartsy’ but it was needed. Reminded me of a story I want to write and spoke to me of change in the air.

Mom called tonight. She told me how warm it’s been out there and that the leaves were coming out. Reminded me that spring is coming, there is change in the air.

And, though I think that the change 'in the air' is something deeper, it also seemed like a good time to change the layout of my blog. I like the bright and girlie look. It fits the season and where my heart is at. Plus, someone, who’s opinion I value highly, said the former template looked morbid.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 5: The Day After

Class ended at just before lunch yesterday. Drove back in the afternoon reflecting that it was a long but good week. Some of my favourite moments were just sitting in the cafe talking. Sometimes it was serious sometimes it was nothing at all but it was always good. The last of such conversations happened just before we left.

We talked about a few things and I shared a personal realization. Here it is for you: my faith, actual trust in God, was stronger as a child then it is now. There were four things I remember praying for every night as a child. Four things I asked for without fail, believing God heard me and would answer in someday in some clear way. And he did, each answer took some time in coming but it came. It came in a clear unmistakable way.

Why don’t I pray like that now? Persistence isn’t begging. We each long to grow up. But in our desire to be older do we leave behind the good child-like faith and hope adopting an older cynicism while keeping the childish selfishness. Perhaps we need to bring the good child qualities with us as we mature?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day 4: Thankful Thursdays #14

It’s been a week. Looking back this is what I am thankful for:

-Truth and moments of truth spoken
-Forgiven past wrongs
-Worship music
-Classes that challenge
-Moving from 205 to 201 (yes Matthew it is that large room in stairs)
-Time alone
-Time with friends
-Time with God

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day 3: Half Way

Matthew wins the prize by default, since no prize was announced my people will be in touch with his people to discuss the options. Class is wonderful. I am seeing James for in a new light and it is giving me a fire for God’s word. Both these things I believe are good. I even like the block learning. I do not like the chairs in 205 or how tired I am feeling. So with that, Adieu.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Day 2: Early Issues, Answers, and James

I have no tale of woe today, made it to all my classes on time. At one of the meals some one share with me another students mishaps with clocks. Thinking he was late for class he rushed down the hill to find the doors locked and no one there. Turns out in setting the alarm the regular time had been changed so it was really 7:30 not 8:30. Proving alarm clocks are the enemy!

I love my class, it is just what I had hoped. It’s refreshing to listen to the break down of each verse. It’s the best sermon I’ve heard all year. I might also be finding the class enjoyable because there is no pressure to complete assignments, papers, or meet deadlines. I can learn for the pure enjoyment of learning.

The answer to yesterdays skill testing question, the one that no one guess at, which leads me to believe that no one reads my blog. Perhaps not an accouter assessment but my self worth is completely wrapped up in the number of comments I receive (that is only partially true), will have to wait till tomorrow. This is your second chance to guess. Who wrote the book of James and if your inclined to think it was a James, which one?

Finial thought, I just posted a question on my missions blog Journey on the Other Side and I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts and/or insight.