Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It’s 12:34 and Something is Missing…

Writer’s block is one of my least favourite things. As much as I dislike it there is something worst. Is that possible? Yes, yes it is, having something to say and not having it come together right. That for me is worst. I like writing but struggle to say the simplest thing. It is like the words I want just go missing, or maybe the knowledge of how to use them.

"hmmm...yes, that would be frustrating. If only we lived in a world where words and Ritz crackers flowed freely" –Matthew Rose.
Well said Matthew, well said!

I am still hoping for some personal stories on how you have heard from God. If you have a testimony you are willing to let me use tomorrow at you please comment or email me at And let the Ritz crackers flow

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ap said...

I think for me learning to hear from God was more about learning what God sounded like. I really only 'hear' from my Mom when I can decipher her words to get at her heart. Now, I don't think God hides his message or words to us (ala the Bible Code), but because our communication is so hidden we have to learn to hear pure communication. Ironically, this pure communication is sometimes the still-small-voice (which can also mean 'silence'). So, I think the times I have best heard from God are kinda few and far between because I don't do well with silence. I dunno.