Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In The Air

Started reading a new book today by Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts. It opens with his thoughts on leaving and the very real start of the journey he took. The end of the chapter stirred something in me. It spoke to me of change in the air. I would share his words but the book is at the church and I am at home.

I’ve also been reading George MacDonald’s Phantastes, it’s my ‘at home’ book. It is also awakening something within me. It inspires me and challenges me to discover. I think that is why this evening I sat in my car after arriving home from work. I just sat and watched the trees dance. Maybe that’s too ‘artsy fartsy’ but it was needed. Reminded me of a story I want to write and spoke to me of change in the air.

Mom called tonight. She told me how warm it’s been out there and that the leaves were coming out. Reminded me that spring is coming, there is change in the air.

And, though I think that the change 'in the air' is something deeper, it also seemed like a good time to change the layout of my blog. I like the bright and girlie look. It fits the season and where my heart is at. Plus, someone, who’s opinion I value highly, said the former template looked morbid.


Dena said...

I can't say I remember your former layout being morbid, but I definately love this one. It is cute and girly, but a little different and artsy at the same time. It fits you well. I love you Liz.

Aunt Penny said...

I like your new layout as well. The old layout was too dark and the colours were too similar in value. I found it hard to distnguish the date from the background. The new layout looks cheery, spring like ,and is much easier to read. Flowers are nice. The tulips are all in bloom in my garden. Take care.
Aunt Penny

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Dena and Aunt Penny for the encouragement. This is a much better layout for seeing and colours. I will miss the cool pull tab feature. But this one is so cheerful and fun. The missing shall pass. The other upside if this is the only gardening I get done this year I am guaranteed that I don’t kill the flowers.

Sarah Beth said...

I liked your old layout, but I like this one for spring. Very nice!

Robin said...

What's wrong with morbid?!