Friday, May 25, 2007

Sundry Thoughts on my Life

1) I need to make a correction to something I said earlier. Amy was right, House’s finale has yet to air. I saw the preview tonight.

2) Erwin needed a new tire. It was damaged beyond repair. But the man who helped me Wednesday bought a used tire for me, changed it, then asked to take the car to fill the other tires with more air, and when I got my car back the tank was full (it had been moments from the warning light coming on for being too low).

3) I think I am going to take an art class. Today I was in town and saw a sign about Ladybug Studios. As soon as I could I called for more details. Now it is just a matter of there being enough students to run the class.

4) I bought flowers today, pink tulips.

5) Tomorrow the church is having a 12-hour prayer vigil, from 6am till 6pm. I’m signed up for 7 or 8 so I should head to bed soon. I’ll end with a father moment:

My dad took me on amazing adventures. When we moved to a new area he wanted us to experience all it had to offer. We’d go camping, hiking, driving. Some of my favourite family moments came on those trips. Then he put me in girl guides, which was a good thing for me. And he helped out. I can use a compass, cook over fire, and build a lean-to because of my dad. Without him I would never have gone snowshoeing, climbed up a waterfall, or hiked Cape-Split. I love my Dad!

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