Wednesday, May 23, 2007

They Asked

I asked the students in our youth group to write down any questions they had about God, Christianity and the Church. They came up with 25 questions on a variety of issues like the evil in the world and people who claim to be Christians but don’t act like it. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be seeking answers to their questions at youth.

Tomorrow is going to be the first attempt with this idea and I am a little nervous. I am not sure what format to use. Whether to have one large group or small groups or to use a talk show style, panel, or round the room discussion. I’m also concerned about allowing them to discover the answers without saying that whatever they feel is 'right' is always true. I want them to think for themselves with out condoning relativism. The first two questions are:

Why does God not show how he answers your prayers?
Why does God not talk to people like he did to Moses?

It’s going to be an interesting night.

A father moment: I love talks with my dad. They can be on any subject from life, love and other mysteries to theology. I also love how most talks end in a Charlyology lesson. My life is richer because of Charlyology. I love my dad!


Elliott Innes said...

Rockin plans for your youth! I personally lov the small group idea. I didn't realize how efective it was until we got here (Peru) and I didn't quite have the language skills I needed to do much large group interaction during a tyical "Message Time". So we break up into groups of 4 or 5 (each group has a "more mature" member to keep the train on the tracks and combat heretical comments) and let them go to town. Later we get together as a whole to review what we had to say. It's been quite enlightening.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Elliott, I think we'll be going with the small group method.