Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 5: The Day After

Class ended at just before lunch yesterday. Drove back in the afternoon reflecting that it was a long but good week. Some of my favourite moments were just sitting in the cafe talking. Sometimes it was serious sometimes it was nothing at all but it was always good. The last of such conversations happened just before we left.

We talked about a few things and I shared a personal realization. Here it is for you: my faith, actual trust in God, was stronger as a child then it is now. There were four things I remember praying for every night as a child. Four things I asked for without fail, believing God heard me and would answer in someday in some clear way. And he did, each answer took some time in coming but it came. It came in a clear unmistakable way.

Why don’t I pray like that now? Persistence isn’t begging. We each long to grow up. But in our desire to be older do we leave behind the good child-like faith and hope adopting an older cynicism while keeping the childish selfishness. Perhaps we need to bring the good child qualities with us as we mature?


Maria Purviance said...

I think that a lot of children have more faith than a great many adults. With adulthood comes many worries, fears, and all that takes away from our "child-like" faith unfortunatly.

elizabeth said...

I agree.