Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Is It...For a Few Months

After weeks of waiting the season finale of Heroes was tonight. I hate when my anticipation is higher than the actual event. I enjoyed the show but felt a little let down. The major conflict was wrapped up but seemed tiny after weeks of leading up to it. There was one comment/statement by Molly that opened questions but it didn’t create that much suspense in me. I was expecting a few more twists for a show that has kept me guessing most of the season. So far my favourite finale was CSI with a cliff-hanger that has me totally frustrated for the fall. Which got me thinking what makes a season finale good? I think it is the suspense and twist that makes you wait for the next season. What do you think?
The End

Also, I love my dad. Just thinking how he gives amazing hugs. He’s the best.


matthew said...

well, for me there is a big difference between a good season finale and a good series finale.

I agree with you that a good season finale should be somewhat frustrating. it should leave you wanting more. it should make you mad that there won't be another episode next week. this is accomplished by some sort of dramatic change in the storyline. The only season finale i watched so far this year is the office and they did a great job of accomplishing this by introducing 2 key plot twists in the final minutes of the episode.

A series finale is a lot different i think. it shouldn't leave you wanting more, but satisfied and able to envision how things went from that point on. the only series finale i've watched recently was gilmore girls and i think it was a good episode in that the viewers could assume how the rest of the story would go, even if they are sad that they won't get to see it. everyone knew luke/lorelei would eventually get married, but it wasn't stuffed down our throats. Everyone knew rory would thrive in her career and eventually fall in love, we didn't have to see it happen.

Elizabeth said...


I agree, there is definitely a difference between the two. I also saw the Gilmore Girls and agree with your assessment. Crossing Jordan also had a good ending. It had all the elements you mentioned, it was good. A poor series finale: Stargate SG-1, but it looks like they are going to make two mini series movies so it could be viewed as just an episode.

And thinking about series finales another really good one that I completely enjoyed was Numb3rs. The case that they had was unique and caused the two brothers to understand and appreciate the other on a deeper level. The huge plot twist was the discovery that a main character was a Chinese spy. He was arrested for treason right at the end. Seeing what happened to the team another questioned if could stay so there is an unknown for the fall. Wasn’t a big fan of House’s finale or Gray’s Anatomy (which I only watched from the wedding part on).

All is really just a testament to the fact that I watch too much TV.

His Beloved said...

Our TV lives are over for the summer. So sad really! haha The 4 shows I'm into are Gilmore Girls, House, Grey's, and ER. I enjoyed ER the most because it left a huge cliff hanger for next season which is always annoying but exciting at the same time. Gilmore Girls was alright but I thought it kinda anti-climactic in some ways. It almost just seemed like a normal show. But ah well! I was kinda hoping they'd bring Jess back! And Grey's.....why did they have to break everyone up?? I have no idea where next season will go. I hope it's not all about the new interns cause that would be sad. Ah well! And House, was that really the season finale? It didn't seem like it. Nothing too spectacular happened!

Oh how I love me TV shows! lol They give me something to live for! haha J/K! But it's fun to share them with friends!

Steph said...

i love you

Elizabeth said...

Amy, I agree TV shows are best with friends. Not sure about the House thing, I thought the finale was this week, but I could have misunderstood. Anyone know for sure if the House finale has happened or will happen?

Steph...and I you.