Friday, May 18, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #16

I woke this morning frustrated with the gray sky, the rain falling, and even more with still being sick. I wanted to be grumpy and could not think of what I was thankful for. Poor attitude on my part. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, friends, shelter, food, a job I am passionate about. God has blessed me. Today I choose to be faithful.

-Anime, it reminds me of Japan and I think it is pretty. Yea for youtube, I was able to watch many as I lay in bed too icky to move much.
-A very kind neighbour who knocks on my door to see if I am okay and offers to go into town to pick up anything I need because she can tell that I am sick.
-Missionaries and faithful Christians who lived before us and those who recorded their history.
-Good youth talks
-Reconnecting with lost friends, yea facebook.
-TV nights with friends, who are still friends after they move to another town.
-Cliff-hangers, CSI had a good one tonight, waiting for the fall to see what will happen is going to be frustrating.


Missy said...

Oh Liz! I love the new look! It's beautiful!

Aunt Sharon said...

Hi Liz

Aunt Sharon said...

Hi again Liz I'm not very good at this so I'll try again. I like the new look. I don't follow the show Heroes, but I'm now a fan of the Lost series, and a sometime CSI. It conflicts with bible study and I never remember to tape it. It will be very hard to waite till the Fall. I was amazed at the amount you accomplished on your list. Always proud and thankful for you. Love Aunt Sharon

Elizabeth said...

I love you Aunt Sharon, thanks so much for the comment. Everyone tells me how good lost is but I just haven't gotten into it. The bits I have seen confused me.

Missy, thank you. Does your comment mean you arrived safe?