Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Star Light. Star Bright.

I like where my apartment is located. It is between two towns. I’m close to everything yet at the same time there is nothing around my house but trees. It’s connection and seclusion mixed with a closeness to nature. This is most wonderful at night when the lights of stars aren’t dimmed by the street nights.

Tonight I looked up at the also clear sky to see sparkling little lights twinkling back at me. It wasn’t a super deep God moment, but there was something special. I took a few minutes to search for constellations. I managed to locate Ursa Major (Big Dipper). I blame the lack of more on the clouds and the season. Normally the only other three I can find are Cassiopeia and Orion’s Belt. I think I’d like to be able to locate more…and know the myths behind them. The stories fascinate me. Does anyone else go star hunting?

My dad actually got me interested in stars. When I was a Girl Guide he helped me earn my Astronomy badge. My dad always helps me meet the challenges in my life. I love him dearly.

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matthew said...

I am interested in reading D. James Kennedy's book which I think is titled 'the gospel in the stars' or something, but i keep forgetting to order it.