Sunday, May 27, 2007

You are the Light of the World

Today I had the privilege of driving a woman to the church for the 12-hour prayer vigil. She told me a little of how Jesus and her choice to follow him have changed her life. She has peace and hope that she never found before. She said her favourite place is the church. But the choice has not been easy. She has lost friends. People she loves try to stop her from going to church. One Sunday her car was missing so she had to walk…it’s at least a five-mile walk. Today the brake line was cut on her car hindering her from driving to the church, which is why I drove her.

The things that stood out to me as she talked were her love for those who where acting against her. She truly loves and prays for them, how much she clings to the Scriptures, that the church is the place she feels the safest, and her desire to share the truth with anyone who will listen. She told me about how she’s been telling two children she baby-sits about Jesus and the boy said “good, because I have a goblin inside me.” Today I was reminded that faith in Jesus can and should be real and active. Today I was inspired.

A Father Moment: When I was very young dad had this voice he would do on car rides called “Captain Canada”. I don’t remember what types of things Captain Canada said or how the voice went but for me it is a wonderful memory. I love my dad.


Sarah Beth said...

Your Dad having a Captain Canada voice reminds me of how my Dad used to have an Irving toque that he would wear when he was going outside to shovel when it was snowing and we would call him Mr. Irving Man. My mom would do this really over dramatic high pitched voice and say "Oh Mr. Irving Man"! I know this is not really like your memory per say, but it made me think of it.

Elizabeth said...

I totally understand. I was visiting a family over supper. Their special thing is napkin theatre, which you have to see to understand. It isn’t the same as my memory but it was what reminded me of Captain Canada. All that to say, I understand.