Thursday, January 19, 2017

Choosing A Word

About four years ago a good friend introduced me to My One Word. The idea is that instead of making a list of resolutions that poorly attempt to change behaviour focus on a single word to help focus character transformation.

This year a I've been going through the process with a small group. Last night we were working on the task of choosing our word. Sadly the weather kept many home so this post is going to be an outline of what we discussed and went through. My guide was chapter three of My One Word. Their website also has help on how to pick your word.

1) The Big List of Possible Words
The first step is to make to brainstorm a list of possible words. You can do this by asking yourself questions:
  • Who do I want to emulate?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What qualities or characteristics do I want in my life?
  • What has God been doing in my life?
  • What has God created me to do?
From your answers make a list of words. There are no wrong words on this list. Write every idea, phrase, and word down that connects.

2) A List of Ten (Or Less)
Next narrow the big list down to ten words or less. For me I pick these ten two ways. First, as I look over my big list I often find patterns or repeated words. That is a sign to me that is an area I want to work on so I add them to the list. I also choose words that resonate with me or words that I just like.

One I have my smaller list of ten I begin to look at those words deeper. I look up their meanings in a dictionary and similar words in a thesaurus. And I look up each word on My first time choosing a word it was while looking up in the Bible a word on my list and discovered a synonym for the word "remain" that really stuck with me. So I added "abide" to my list and it ended up being my word. So if in the midst of your research and thinking a new word comes to you add it to your list.

3) Choose Your Word
After the process of researching and pondering it is time to select a word. There is no real "secret" it is a word that stands out to you. For me one just seems to click better than the rest. I have always had a word in mind when I start and it is never the final word I choose. The advice from the website says,

Once you have a list of the characteristics, simply pick a word. There might be fifteen things that you want to change, but you must resist the temptation to promise you will do them all. Instead, simply commit to ONE WORD. This will provide you with a lens to see the changes you need to make as well as a way to determine whether or not change is actually happening. Understand that this process is hard, but staying focused on your word will help you to struggle in the right direction so that you can actually see God working in your life.
A Final Thought
Choosing a word can be useful for anyone to give focus for the upcoming year and not limited to just those of faith. However, my faith in Jesus is a big part of how and why I choose my word. I start and end each step with prayer. I ask for guidance and clarity as I think about possible words, I pray for wisdom as I look up Scripture, and ultimately I trusting that by asking God to give me a word He will.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Thankful Thursday #214

I am going to try something new for 2017, well new to me. I have decided to try bullet journaling. One of the "layouts" or "spreads" I wanted to include was a gratitude log.

I've always wanted to try and write a list of at least a thousand unique things I am thankful for. (I don't believe it is grammatically correct to end a sentence with "for" so what is the proper way to word that last thought?) If you write three things you are thankful for everyday you will have a list of 1095. That is my goal. I've titled the page "Counting My Blessings."

I'll be sharing a few of the weeks gratitude here on the blog. This week I am thankful for...

  • That Justine introduced me to bullet journals
  • Fresh salad
  • That moment when you find where a puzzle piece goes
  • Winter tires
  • Every visit I have with Pastor Gary and Marg

Monday, January 02, 2017

2017 Reading Challenges

It's been two year's since I signed up for any reading challenges. What I've missed most is discovering new authors or books I would never have considered without a challenge. It's the reason I decided to include participation in a reading challenge as part of the 35 While 35 Challenge.

This afternoon I google "reading challenges 2017" and found a great master list full of challenge options. I've choose seven to try:

1) 2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge
Goal: The challenge is to read one book that has a title starting with every letter of the alphabet.

2) Audiobook Challenge 2017
Goal: Weekend Warrior -5 to 10 audiobooks

3) The 2017 Christian Reading Challenge
Goal: The Light Reader -13 books which sets the pace of 1 book every 4 weeks

I'd also like to note that the cute, yellow, "2017 Reading Challenge" banner is from this site.

4) Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge
Goal: Amateur Sleuth -5 to 15 books

5) Colour Coded Reading Challenge
Goal: The site encourages 9 colours. I am hoping for six: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple/Violet. Bonus: Brown, Black, White, Rainbow

This might be my favourite challenge on this list! I got the six in 2015.

6) Flights of Fantasy 2017 Reading Challenge
Goal: This is a "set your own goal" challenge. I am aiming for 10

7) New To Me 2017
Goal: 12 "new to me" books.

2017 Birthday Bucket List Check In

With 2017 here I thought it was time to look at my birthday challenges again. It has been four months since the last review.

If you haven't seen it before, on my birthday I set a number of goals for the year. This year it is "35 While 35;" the challenges are divided into seven areas, spiritual, relationships, adventure, hobbies, culture, health, and second chances.

The Key
plain text = not started
green text = started
purple text = completed

1) Choose My One Word for 2017

2) Read the New Testament
I'm in half way through

3) Explore Contemplative Spirituality

4) A Day of Silence

5) Be Thankful

6) Time with My Dad

7) Friend Reunions
I have plans to see a friend from my youth camp

8) Attend a Family Reunion

9) Send Christmas Cards Happy New Year's Cards
Totally forgot...I think might try a "happy 2017" card

10) Go on a Date

11) Take a Risk

12) Go on a Road Trip

13) Go Camping

14) Be Upside Down

15) Be Outside Canada

16) Try Something New

17) Join a Club/Group

18) Cosplay as a New/Different Character
I had a few plans...but the convention isn't it May. I thought it was earlier

19) Try Bullet Journalling

20) Create a 40 Before 40 Challenge List

21) Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

22) See a Musical

23) Participate in a Reading Challenge 

24) Go to a Ballet

25) Attend a Convention

26) Be a Vegan for 40 Days

27) Keep a Food Journal

28) Complete a Pull Up
I have used the monkey bars to start practicing. Right now I can dangle/hold my weight for five-ish seconds. It's small but it is a start.

29) Dance

30) Run 5 km

31) Finally Paint This Canvas

32) Finish Four Children Stories

33) Make a Video

34) Draw More

35) Grow Something to Eat

15 challenges completed!

Many challenges to go. Some I am not sure will happen more because of the time or the cost but I am still optimistic.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Simple Woman Daybook 185

FOR TODAY: January 1, 2017
You can find the more daybooks at Simple Woman's Blog.

Outside my window... weather that feels more like early April

I am thinking... what My One Word will be for this year.

I am senior pastor

I am wearing... my new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pgs. that say "In my dreams I'm a ninja"

I am creating...

I am watching... Troll Hunters with Sister in don't think we'll ever finish Gilmore Girls, Mom and I finished The Pretender this past week, and I have three episodes left of Stranger Things.

I am geeking out... on VR, my cousin has a system and it was so much fun. Sister took videos of me...I looked ridiculous but had a blast. Also DC comics I got two cute Itty Bitty Aquaman and Supergirl for Christmas.

Also this...

I played... Firefly Fluxx New Year's Eve and Pandemic this evening.
One of my favorite things... Duvets

Verse of the week... Philippians 1:6 (NIV) "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

Song of the Week:

In the Kitchen... I tried to make poutine. It looked prettier before I started to eat, but I still wanted a picture of the yummy creation:

Then for New Year's Eve....

A few plans for the rest of the starts again and we're taking down Christmas.

Happening On The Blog:... I still have so many movie reviews Assassin's Creed, Sing, Rogue One,  Hacksaw Ridge and the new Anne of Green Gables. I was also thinking about a Doctor Who review.
And a picture to share:...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 10: Top Ten Earth Times and Places the Doctor Should Visit

I have this recollection of someone stating that for a man with the ability to travel anywhere in time and space the Doctor spends a lot of time in our time and England. I forget if it was inside an actual episode or just a commentary on the show but that is what inspired today's top ten, locations and/or times I'd like the Doctor to visit.

Two apologies. First, to any Classic Who fans, I have limited knowledge of the earlier adventures. If I mention an event or location that has already been visited by 1-8 I am sorry. The second, I am Canadian...and would love to see some adventures happen here so I might have gone heavy on the 'home and native' land promotion. With that is mind, here goes:

10. Canada (1881-1185)
Specifically the efforts to building the Trans Canada Railroad

9. UK (1888-1891)
I know the inspiration was to get the Doctor out of England. But it would be awesome if he stopped jack the ripper whose an alien.

8. Ancient Greece
Without going too Stargate, maybe the tale can be aliens pretending to be gods or something.

7. Germany 1440
For the invention of the printing press.

6. Canada -Nova Scotia
Okay, I am not where exactly what time period. There are so many options first settlers, Acadian deportation, or The Boston Explosion.

5. Paris, France (1889 or just before)
The Doctor shows up for the 1889 World Fair (or during the construction of the Eiffel Tower) and saves the day, again.

4. A Rainforest
It could be the Canadian Redwoods or the Amazon. It would just be very pretty.

3. Republic of Florence (present-day Italy) 1480-1510ish
Hang out with Leonardo da Vinci

2. Japan
Any time...because it's Japan.

1. Canada (1920s)
The Doctor shows up in a lumberjack camp.

What I realized as I put the list together I am most interest in the late 1800s. Neat. When and where would you want the Doctor to go?

Tomorrow I think will be a follow up to the Who-Crossovers with a few more ideas.
The BBC's digital Doctor Who 2016 Adventure Calendar.
Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 3 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian (probably) sees the Christmas Special: 4 sleeps

Day 9: How to Watch Doctor Who is 2017

This is a follow up to "yesterdays" post (which in reality was written today) about how to stream in Canada. For the past years Space (the Canadian SyFy channel) airs the latest episode on Saturday. The day after the episode became available to watch their website for free for a week. After the week it became "locked" and required a subscription to watch. After the series finale the complete season would be avalible on Netflix, Shomi, and CraveTV.

Things have changed. According to a Marketing article CraveTV Locks Up Doctor Who for Season 9 from earlier this year, CraveTV now has the exclusive rights to Doctor Who. It is unclear if the Christmas special or any episode from Series 10 will be on for free. I think I need to ask Santa for a CraveTV subscription :)

Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 4 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian (probably) sees the Christmas Special: 5 sleeps

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 8: Missing Who

With Christmas right around the corner I thought it would be a good time to rewatch the 12th Doctor's run. Turns out Doctor Who is no longer on Netflix (at least in Canada).

How do you watch Doctor Who? How/when will you see the Christmas Special? My hope is that will have in online the day after it airs like they have the past few years. Not sure if that is going to happen since they have an ad to stream Doctor Who with CraveTV...I thought Crave folded, or was it Shomi? I am so confused.

Also, I think I am going to look into how to watch Class. A friend is watching it via AppleTV. Not sure if there is another source for renting/watching. Maybe it's another CraveTV streaming option. Suggestions are also welcomed.

Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 5 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian (probably) sees the Christmas Special: 6 sleeps

Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 7: Whovian Joy and Saddness

The other day Cineplex sent me a email of joy, letting me know that select theaters would be showing the Doctor Who Christmas special on Boxing Day. I was excited. Talked it over with family, since we'll be in another city visiting the extended family and wanted to make sure it would be okay to go. The folks were on board. So I went on the website to find times and book tickets.

Since I have my location set on the site it gave me the local option first, 7pm December 26th. It is the only showing in my area. I changed the location to where we'll be on December 26th (till the 27th). And this is where our story takes a sad turn. The only showing there is December 28th at 11am, by which time I'll be back in my area where the special will have already been shown.

That is my tale of woe.

I feel the urge to add #firstworldproblems

I am blessed and this small inconvenience isn't the end of my world, Christmas season, or even the day. I'm getting to see family, I live in a great place, I don't live in fear and I am fed and warm at night. I am truly blessed. God is good to me. Also, I'm still going to watch the Christmas special at some point regardless of the screen size. The joy of watching it at home I can pause the show and go for more snacks.

Countdown Till Christmas Special Airs: 6 sleeps
Countdown Till This Whovian (probably) sees the Christmas Special: 7 sleeps