Friday, August 31, 2007

Movie Night

Last night over yummy yummy cookie dough we sat down to watch Memoirs of a Geisha. This was a first for me. I had thought the story was something different. I didn't realize it was around the WWII era. An issue was the sound, we needed to keep it quiet so as not to wake the babies. I was glad Steph was there to fill me in on the details I missed and to reassure me in the darker moments that things would get better. It was sad but beautiful. I loved it, rate it worth seeing.

The hardest part for me I wanted her to end up with a married man. What do you do when a story you love promotes things (behaviors or life styles) that don't fit with your value system or biblically based?


Steph said...

I understand! No thoughts on what to do, just understanding you

Elizabeth said...

I think that that is unfortunately true of most movies or TV shows these days...if it's not making adultery look beautiful and desirable, it's promoting the idea of independance and self-pride (equally as bad). Lots of great movies build up man as god, and can easily be dubbed as a feel-good movie where the underdog saves the day. But I think that even those themes can go against the Christian value system where our hope is in Him, not our own abilities, strength or efforts.

My personal solution is apparently radical to most. I just don't watch TV anymore. And I'm very cautious about the movies I watch or let the kids watch. I've found that has made me even more sensitive to these themes, but for that I'm thankful.