Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Survivor Returns

I was all excited that it was Thursday and I was going to the Morgans for TV night and Survivor watching....and then my dreams were crushed when one of the youth told me there was no Survivor tonight. I'm going to make predictions and commentary anyways for when the show returns.

The heroes are slowly losing my respect, support and interest. The inner bickering and tribal peaking order is annoying and un-hero like. Becca thinks that they're being villainous because they are losing. The theory being that if they win they will act better. I am not sure that is true, as far as I see the heroes are scheming like villains and the villains are (for the most part) acting like heroes.

For example, two weeks ago the teams found clues for secret immunity idols. The way both clues were found the whole team knew of the idol and the riddle to find it. The Heroes all scrambled to find it on their own (Tom found one and saved his spot for a week). On the Villains' side they all agreed that no one would look for it because everyone knew about it and if someone tried to find it they would be voted out (idol or no idol). Last week Russell found it after much searching but the whole tribe knows he has it. They have agreed that he's getting voted for till he goes home. It is a logical approach that makes me think of the scene in Dark Knight when the two ships have to decided if they are going blow up the other ship. It's the convicts who choose to throw the detonator out the window.

I'm not actually sure the plot to get rid of Russell will work if/when the Villains make it back to council. He’s trying to manipulate Coach and at the end of the episode it looks like it worked. I hope it didn’t I want Rob to stay and Russell to go.

This Weeks's Predictions For Next Week’s Show:
Villains will win the immunity challenge. The Heroes will win the reward.
If Villains go to tribal council they'll vote out Parvati.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Candice.

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