Friday, January 02, 2009

Games Galore*

Much has happened since the quest for a cookie recipe, which was successful. I made Mars Bars Squares thanks to a recipe Kristie Benson gave me when she was my D-group leader. The first half of December my computer decided to hate me the second half was all about family, Christmas, and board games. Almost every spare moment has been spent playing with a gaming marathon the past 24 hours.

For Christmas, Lee-Ann got Bakari, Mom got the bean game, Bohnanza and I got the Settlers of Catan Card Game and Thurn and Taxes. There was much playing from Christmas till my first yesterday morning with one final Bakari just before we went to airport.

Flight home was good. I might chronicle (blog) about the adventure to Winnipeg this weekend. That journey was not so… pleasant. This time there were no cancelations, only one minor delay, and all my luggage made it to Halifax on the same flight as me. The only mishap was at the Toronto airport. I had just bought my lunch, an slice of Hawaiian pizza that had sat under a hot lamp too long,, and was making my way to a sit. My hands were full and my backpack strap slipped off my shoulder to my elbow knocking me, my arm, and the plate holding the pizza off balance. It was one of those comic slow motion moments that would fit well in a movie. The slice flew up in the air. I tried to catch it on the plate which only helped it spin quicker till it landed on the carpet, the airport carpet, upside down followed by the thud of my backpack landing beside it.

I drove stright to the Van Meekeren’s (an amazing family) home to ring in the New Year. Thre was the countdown, sparkling grape juice, oliebol (I had my first one ever) and many more games. I arrived just into to jump into Shadows Over Camelot. This game is beyond awesome because it’s a cooperative. Everyone is a knight of the round table who work together to fulfill different quests to protect Camelot with their unique gift. The first time I was Sir Perceval and the second Sir Tristan. This was my third and forth time playing, I love the game, and yet none of those times have we won. Next was a huge, five person, two and a half hour game of Agricola, which knocked Puerto Rico as the top ranked game on It was after 3:30am when we finished. Everyone spent the night.

After a very late breakfast this morning we started a six person game of Settlers of Catan using the newest upgrade barbarians and traders that lasted too long. It was over three hours. I love fishes and the barbarians add a whole new dimension but by the time we were done no one cared who had won. Next was a round of the bean game with Mollie and Rebekkah before I drove over to Kim and Brent’s for supper. After there son was in bed we played Thurn and Taxes Power and Glory (dumb title) and two rounds of Agricola. Funny thing, the second game we all tied with a score of 33 –weird.

I love games -the playing and occasional winning but more time spent chatting, the in between snacking, and the growing a friendships. Games are great but I think I’m gamed out for the next little bit. Hope everyone’s had a good start to 2009…

Happy New Year and Happy Marriage Matthew Rose.

*I wrote this very late (its 3:15am) if there are any miskates or bad links I am sorry, comment and I’ll deal with them later.

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