Saturday, January 31, 2009


I forgot to share this earlier in the month.

I summed up my hopes for the new year with six C words: connecting, comunity, creativity, correspondence, challenges, and commitment. Only I never said what the challenges were. Here they are:

1) Memorize 12 verses
2) Invite people over once a month for coffee, games, movie night or other
3) Edit my nanowrimo story for 2008
4) Participate in nanowrimo 2009
5) Blog 15 posts a month
6) Create 12 (one a month) pieces of artwork in media of choice (sketching, paint, etc…)
7) Give homemade creations as Christmas gifts
8) Send a letter or card every two weeks
9) Read 6 ‘classical’ or literature works of fiction
10) Run 10km (does not have to be a race)
11) Be healthy-er
12) An overnight hike and sleep under the stars

I'm off to a poor start. I also gave myself a challenge for each month. January was all about schedules and organizing didn't happen (yet, hope springs eternal).

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Jecca said...

these are great! you can totally do it liz :) organizing and scheduling has gotten off-track too, but i'm determined to get these things done. now, off to exercise. yikes.