Saturday, January 01, 2011

F is for Focus, Finish, Forge & 2011

I look forward to setting goals and making resolutions each year. Leading up to 2009 I realized all my goals began with the letter “C”. Last year all my challenges began with the letter “L”. For 2011, the key words are Focus, Finish, & Forge, making this the Year of the Letter “F”.

Focus –I hope to focus on the people and things that matter most in my life (God, Ministry, Relationships, and Habits) and be intentional about making them priorities. It's the whole keep first things first principle. I have found that when I am not being intentional in my daily routines my focus drifts and the things that truly matter to me are forgotten. My goal with "Focus" is make the continual effort to live with God, Ministry, Relationships, and Habits it the foreground of my life.

Finish –I love beginnings. I love writing on the blank pages of a new notebook, the first day of a year, the start of a project, and mostly coming up with new challenges. Beginnings are shinny and bring; they have hope and promise with them. Finishing is a different story. Filling a notebook, living a full year, completing a project, and being successful at goals takes time, effort, sacrifice. It is never really easy. There are always diversions and reasons to procrastinate or just give up but finishing is better. I believe the reward is worth the effort. I just sometimes forget. My goal for "Finish" is to complete the 30 Before 30 Challenge. I am currently at 20% with only four months to go.

Forge –This is a bit of a word-language stretch.'s definition for forge includes concentrated effort." Forging is connected to making and forming which gets me think of creating. Creating is something I love. I love to create stories, artwork (paintings or drawings), cards, meals, and crafty projects (knitting, sewing, etc.) but don't make time to the space for these activities in my life. I can go weeks with only any crafts of projects. I just started my first knitting project in over a year this week. My goal for Forge is to create more often than I did last year. My hope is to have an craft project always on the go and make a card, meal, and piece of artwork a month.

So those three themes of my 2011 resolutions, what resolutions have you set for this new year?


Glo said...

oh the Alliterations! I love it, and have inspired me to make my own new year's resolutions. hope 2011 with bee a good year for you@

Elizabeth said...

Alliterations...that was the word I was trying to remember. Thanks Glo and I hope you have fun creating resolutions for this new year. A book worth reading about resolutions is The Happiness Project.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I have a link to the Happiness Project website in the sidebar under "Ingredients".