Tuesday, January 11, 2011

James Patterson Reading Challenge

I found the James Patterson Reading Challenge while signing up for the Agatha Christie Challenge. The challenge is hosted by Socrates' Book Reviews for reading books by James Patterson.

The challenge is in progress (runs from September 1st 2010 till August 31st 2011) but I'm going to jump in anyway counting the one book I read since September 1st. For more information you can find the details and guidelines here. There are three levels of participation:

Level 1 - Read 2 books...just trying them out
Level 2 - Read 5 books...a loyal fan
Level 3 - Read 10+ books...obsessed with James Patterson

I'm participating at level 3: 11/10 (only because audio books count)

1. School’s Out: Forever -James Patterson
2. Worst Case –James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
3. The Angle Experiment –James Patterson
4. The 4th of July –James Patterson
5. The 5th Horsemen –James Patterson
6. Against Medical Advice –James Patterson
7. Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports –James Patterson
8. The 6th Target –James Patterson
9. Double Crossed –James Patterson
10. Witch and Wizard –Patterson & Charbonnet
11. Daniel X –Patterson

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