Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TV Talk: Television Pet Peeves 3 of 3

This is the last look at things that drive me crazy in TVland. To recap the first four pet peeves are:

1) Canceled shows ending with a cliffhanger.
2) A show being canceled in the middle of a great-take-a-few-seasons-to-tell story arch.
3) The writer's change characters personality/normal behaviors to create conflict or to explain the actors absence.
4) Continuity issues and general mistakes in the shows fictional world.
Now on to this week's television frustrations:

I hate when I discover a show after it's over.I started watching Lost (currently on season 3), Gilmore Girls, Jericho, Firefly, & Farscape (currently watching season 2) after they had ended. It's bittersweet to like the show and know that it doesn't exist anymore. Plus I am all excited about this "new" show but everyone else has already moved on.

6. Remember the show Alias? Loved that show; it was a sad day when it ended. There were so many characters that made the show good; there were so many actors who made the show good. Like Marshall Flinkman played by Kevin Weisman. He was quicky and funny and just plain great. Quoting his page "TV Guide named Kevin one of television's "Top Ten Scene Stealers", and he appeared on Entertainment Weekly's "Must List" in 2006." Since Alias ended I haven't seen much of Weismen. He turns up everyone again as a guest role, normally playing the the computer geek or evil scientist, which brings us to my final and maybe greatest TV pet peeve: Only seeing cast from canceled shows when they're the murder suspect on CSI (or CSI Miami/NY, Numb3rs, Bones, NCIS etc).

So there you have it, my six television frustrations. Do you have examples of any these TV flaws and what are your great television dislikes? If so leave a comment. Tune in next week for the flip side of the discussion with a three part look at "TV Likes".

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matthew said...

I don't actually mind 5 much. In fact, I'd rather know the show is over and that it's not going to be cancelled sometime after I start watching it.

Number 6 is funny. I find that if I liked a character on a canceled show, i just IMDB them and netflix some of their other stuff.

Overall, I'd say 1 & 2 are the most annoying. I haven't really noticed a lot of 3 or 4, but that could be poor observation on my part (I haven't seen the shows you used as examples).

good series!