Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rejected VBS Themes

While researching possible summer curriculum and Vacation Bible School (VBS) themes I found this fun list of rejected concepts. Enjoy:

VBS Transformers: Jesus in disguise
VBS Outer Space Invasion: All your souls are belong to Jesus
VBS Facebook: Becoming a friend of Jesus
VBS Inquistion: Burn the witch, purge the heretic
VBS Rock Band®: Instruments of God
VBS Basic training: Becoming A Soldier In Christ
VBS Fairytale: Our happily ever after
VBS Shakespeare: The actual greatest love story
VBS Highschool Musical: Breaking Free
VBS CSI: Uncovering God's fingerprints
VBS: Bible study
VBS Warcraft: Power crystals from God
VBS Harry Potter: The magic of God
VBS Pokemon: Stewards of God's creation
VBS 300: Becoming "prayer" warriors
VBS Communism: Jesus loves everyone
VBS Iron Chef: Salt of the earth
VBS Math camp: Functioning with God
VBS da hood: Jesus is our homeboy
VBS Pirates: The eternal treasure
VBS Orchestra: Keeping in time with God
VBS Tetris: Building blocks of life
VBS Nascar: 2 Fast and 2 furious for God
VBS Matrix: Finding the one
VBS Mapquest: The straight and narrow road
VBS Anime: Subtitles for life
VBS Yugioh: The power behind the cards
VBS Maximum Security: Prisoners of this world
VBS Armageddon: The last five days
VBS Bouncycastle: Jumping for Jesus
VBS Diamond mine: Harvesting God's creation
VBS Tower of Babel: Where les enfants kay-toh
VBS Chess Club: Pawns of God
VBS Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship for Jesus
VBS Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
VBS Ninja: Where kids are silent and still
VBS Haunted House: Satan's tricks and God's treats
VBS Econ: God is our business
VBS 1337: Jesus is pwnage
VBS Dance-off: Every move we make we make in Jesus
VBS Binary: 0101101001
VBS Chocolate Factory: The sweetness of truth
VBS Amazing Race: Discovering God's world
VBS Carpentry: The hammer of God
VBS Action Movie: Live hard and die free
VBS Quarantine: Getting cleaned up for Jesus
VBS Zombie Apocalypse: Joining the resurrected
VBS Call of Duty: Spiritual Warfare

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