Thursday, January 06, 2011

Best of TV: 2010

Looking back on 2010, I've been making "best of" or more "my favourites" list. Today is a countdown of my favourite shows that I watched this past year:

12. Human Target -simple mindless fun
11. Bones -I watch for the ensemble of characters
10. Castle -I started watching because of the Firefly reference during and really enjoyed it so I kept watching
9. Survivor -more simple mindless fun and I like guessing who's going home
8. Fringe -this is my TV at the Morgans show, I love Walter's character and the whole show
7. Lost -I starting watching after the show ended with friends and I really like it, we're on season three
6. The Good Wife -it's good
5. Eureka -sci-fi goodness with small town charm
4. Warehouse 13 -more sci-fi goodness, I started watching because of Eureka and fell in love with the stories. I reminds me of SG-1 in that it's doesn't take itself too seriously
3. Sanctuary -I just like it, it's more sci-fi-ness
2. Merlin -it's another fun show
1. Doctor Who -I love the new Doctor, the newest season is great, I miss Tennant.

And that's my list, what shows are you currently watching?

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