Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TV Talk: Television Pet Peeves 2 of 3

Welcome back to this week's TV Talk, we're continuing the discussion of television annoyances from TV cancellations to annoying characters. If you missed last week's introductory post which included the first two TV Pet Peeves you can check the article out here. Now on to this week's television frustrations:

I hate when the writer's change characters personality/normal behaviors. The reasons often are because the show needs conflict or the actor is leaving. In most cases the reasons for the new behavior seems weak. These are the examples I could think of: a) Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn) committing suicide on house b) Zack Addy becoming a serial killers protege, c)Dr. Preston Burke standing Christina up on their wedding day on Grey's actually there seems to be a lot of things on Grey's like this that bug me Issy moving on from her true love, Issy leaving, changes in who likes who it's all frustrating, d) the drastic and sudden changes in Morgana in the BBC show Merlin and e) the changes in David Tennant's Doctor to prepare for the new Doctor, especially in the Waters of Mars. All these bug me on a deeper level which is Pet Peeve #4:

4. Continuity issues and general mistakes in the shows fictional world. The writer's and producers created the world they should at least get the facts they made up right. I know that it's hard to avoid mistakes especially if the show has been running for a few seasons. Most of the ones I catch are tiny and I only see them because I like to watch whole seasons at a time. If I had watched the episodes every week (with the airing breaks) I wouldn't notice most of them. Those tiny flaws are okay, what gets me are the big mistakes with the world.

Like the 100th episode of Bones, it's the one that Sweets is writing his book and the character recount "their first meeting". The episode was good in creating drama and continually the Booth-Brennen relationship arch but totally erased who Brennen was in the first season. The other example I have is from my newest favourite sci-fi show Warehouse 13. During the first season three actors from Eureka played characters on Warehouse 13 but not their Eureka characters which was cool to see. What got me was in the second season there are two cross over episode in which Fargo (Eureka character) visits the Warehouse and Claudia (Warehouse 13) visits Eureka. Silly thing to be bugged by but if they live in the same universe the first season actors shouldn't have been different characters.

Tune in next week for the last of my TV Pet Peeves. Till then, do you have examples of either of these TV flaws?

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