Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook 41

FOR TODAY: January 2, 2011
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Outside my window...I watched the sun rise today.

I am thinking...about Tron: Legacy. This summer we watched the original at a youth event so a group of us went to see it last night. There was a cheese factor but over all I liked it. I loved it till the end; I wanted a happier end.

I am thankful for...neighbors, they helped get me out of the ditch Friday night.

From the kitchen...I helped make a very tasty Pampered Chef dessert pizza with Kim called a "Taffy Apple Pizza" so tasty.

I am wearing...polka dot dress (first time wearing it) with a pink cardigan and green shoes. Actually I'm wearing winter boots but I'll put on the green shoes before church starts.

I am themed dish clothes.

I am Florida.

I am reading...Fiction on Fire and the last Percy Jackson book.

I am hoping...for a great year.

I am hearing...Project Runway.

Around the house...I have great ideas to rearrange all my rooms furniture when I get back from the Gathering.

One of my favorite boardgames (thank you family for Agricola).

Here is picture for thought I am sister and dad walking up the tobogganing hill together:

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