Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some Parties are Killer

Tonight’s was one of them. Last year I had a list of 25 challenges to accomplish during my 25th year. One goal that didn’t happen due to technical difficulties (everyone was so busy that there were no free weekends) was hosting a murder mystery dinner.

Too late to count for the challenge, the dinner finally happened. Eight of us gathered to solve "Murder at Tall Oaks." It was great. Each of us played one of the suspects, all with motives to kill. After three chapters, great food, and some wild guesses on whodunit, the real murder was discovered.

The crew.

To make things fair and interesting roles were randomly given out. It ended with guys playing girls and girls playing guys. From L to R: Dr. Alan the respected local physician (Susan), Vince the old war buddy (Gina), Mary the gorgeous girlfriend (Liz), Simone the prominent attorney (Kelly), Father O’Malley the new parish priest (Becca), Lulu the famous auto racer’s widow and mother of Mary (Ryan), Cherie the beautiful maid (Colette), and Jefferson the successful publisher (Michael).

Dr. Alan, the confirmed bachelor, had this great line, "I love a woman with a good head on my shoulders."

Jefferson making some calls. I loved the bow tie.

The murderess.

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matthew said...

sounds like your kind of fun. Glad you got to do it! :)