Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On Writing Or This Late Hour

I enjoy this space. Having a place to capture thoughts and the personal motivation to write is (I can't think of a better word than 'nice' but it is 'nice') nice. Last week it felt off only posting daily. I enjoy thinking up thoughts to share and just the writing. Sadly there is a but, actually there could be more than one but only one to be shared at this time.

Posting is affecting my sleep. I normally write sometime in the evenings (after everything else is done). That can be anywhere between 10pm and 2am. It's affecting my mood the next day. I love being up at night there is just something special about the stillness and quiet. Those hours seem to help me write. I've tried switching my computer time. It hasn't been successful yet. I've even thought about just not blogging. With six minutes till midnight I end with...grrrr, self, grrrr.


Missy said...

my dear liz, you should try the early mornings! Now before you laugh me off, at night write down a thought or two that you want to blog about and then in the morning do it. the peace and quiet of the early morning is sooo .... nice. :-)

Aunt Sharon said...

Hi Liz It's great to see your still pursuing your list of things to achieve. The murder mystery is a very fun evening. I've gone to two at a restraunt. One a Christmas party and one for Valetines. I liked the one where I got to play a character best. It's good to take on new things, and step out of our box. Glad you had a great time also. Love Aunt Sharon