Saturday, June 09, 2007

Past Frustrated!

I woke early this morning. It’s only 9:45 and I have already stopped to see two friends who were working, had a chai latte, and bought a cute baby outfit (for a friends baby) at a yard sale. Then I made my way church early to do some posting before kids arrived for our play practice. I had planned to post a clip from youtube in that time. It’s been almost an hour and still no video. This is the essence of frustration.

I realized the first error was because I had changed my account to google but hadn’t updated my youtube account info. But even after that correction I am still getting failure notices. If there is a blogger setting that needs to be changed I can’t figure it out. GRRRR! And neither sites “help” was helpful. If you have wisdom that could shed light on this current issue I would greatly GREATLY appreciate it!!!


Aunt Sharon said...

Liz Hi! I just had a moment to read the blog. Hope the problems are over and the aggrivation is through. I have no advice or answers so all I can offer is hang in there girl help will come eventually. Hope this is the extent of the frustration. Love you forever Aunt Sharon

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the encouragement, sadly I still have no idea what the trouble is or how to fix it.