Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Show Must Go On

Since the end of April most of my energy and creativity has been poured into preparation for the church’s first ever children’s musical. This past Sunday was the show. After the dress rehearsal on Saturday I was worried. It was horrible, worst than I had expected. I had to step out at one point because I felt the tears welling up and I didn’t want the children seeing me cry. The hardest thing five or six kids just didn’t show up and they had lines and solo. I was frazzled. I had fear.

I know the saying, bad dress good show. If it is true our play would be pretty spectacular. The Sunday morning of the play started well. I got up early, I was full of energy. All these loose ends came together. And three kids who hadn’t come to the dress were there and ready to go. I thought, "hey this might actually come together". Then 15 minutes before the service started we got two calls saying their children weren’t coming (five children). Made things interesting. Yet is all came together and was amazing. There were tons of missed lines, forgotten actions, total confusion, but everyone seemed to love it. We’ve even had requests from parents to do another one.

The "best moment" happened near the beginning of the musical. Just before the second song, one of the spunky guys who had missed the dress jumped up from his spot ran across the stage, while the acting was happening, jumped off the stage, run over to the choir director asked a question and ran back to his place. Hilarious.

It was great. I’ve learned a lot. I am glad it is behind me. The next "big" drama event for me is this Friday night. A group of friends are having a murder mystery dinner. I am so excited. I love my character and costume. Tomorrow I am going to get my nails done girlie. Yea for being a super sleuth…or a murder.


Aaron Perry said...

Whenever people say to me, "I have no idea how you can preach," I will now say, "I have a friend Liz who put on a children's musical. I have no idea how she did it, but she did!"

Aaron Perry said...

The implication being, "I could never put on a children's musical! Give me preaching any day."

Sarah Gomez said...

I loved doing the musicals at my church in Ontario. It was magical. I was so proud of my kids. They were amazing. Remember those moments :) They're precious

Aunt Sharon said...

Liz I'm sorry you had such a time with the musical. I'm very proud that you never gave up and even found the funny side of it. First time things are never as we picture them in our minds. I hope you try again. I'm sure that the kids had a great time with it. And look at it this way the next musical is sure to be better, it sounds like everything that could have gone wrong did. (that was my attempt to be funny) Love you very much Aunt Sharon