Monday, June 04, 2007

I Like Apples*

The 75th Apple Blossom Festival weekend was everything it should be: friends, fun, and fish. Actually there was no fish, I couldn’t think of another word that began "F". Wait, there were fireworks a small amount because of minor complications but fireworks none the less. This weekend I also met some new people, saw the children’s parade, had my first pannini (spelling?), visited a cool retro store, watched a movie, had a play rehearsal, ate pizza, hang out with some amazing kids, surprised a friend singing happy birthday, and (this is HUGE) rode a horse with an ENGLISH saddle. This was a first. I think I like western more.

It was a full weekend. We decided to end the weekend with a late show this evening. Everyone had seen the three three-quels so the group decided on Knocked Up. I had seen the previews and knowing myself said I didn’t think I would like it so I wouldn’t spend money to see it. After a few unrelated conversations a friend said she would pay for my ticket so I wouldn’t feel I was wasting money. Still believing I would be disappointed but wanting to spend more times with friends I agreed to go. Since the plans were out of the blue I didn’t check the rating. First five minutes I was uncomfortable it grew through out the movie. There were a few parts I enjoyed and even laughed at. But for the most part I wanted to cover my ears and eyes (That was a reverse Klob-sandwich for those who might care). There was strong use of language, sexual content, nudity, and drug use. I spent parts of the movie admiring the far wall. I felt dirty watching it and guilt for staying. I wanted to walk out. I didn’t. I debated my options and reasons most of the film. Still never moved. What would you do and how do you feel about walking out of movies?

*The following was written in the wee hours after 1 am when I think I am really cleaver and witty but really am not. I have no idea if the thoughts I penned make sense or just babble. I am not sure if I chose the right words that were in my head. There are times am sure that the things in my head do not sound as well in black and write pixels as they did in my head. There could be mistakes upon mistakes, please enjoy the aixelsyd.


Combs said...

the ethical part of me says just get up and walk out, but I know myself. I know what I've sat through simply for the fact that I was with friends and didn't want to stand out. It's never easy when your faced with your own actions, no matter what you reasons are. I'd like to say that I've learned and matured enough that I would walk out. The thing is, there's that little voice in my head and he's laughing right now telling me to prove it.

Robin said...

Since we're confessing, I sat through 300 and felt pretty much the same way... And "fireworks" starts with F.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Friend.

I really did struggle about the whole thing. And I didn't enjoy myself. I can't change the past. But I worry for the future.