Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Next?

I love to read; I’m just not sure what I should read next. I just got back from the library set down my new book next to my three recently purchased books and looked at the bookshelf behind me full of books yet to be read (there are 28). I have two books on the go at home five at the office. Then will come the borrowed ones...then what? There are too many good books to read.

My shelf of books to read sorted by binding colour.

***Addition February 19, 2009***

On the Book Shelf:
1) Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions –George Barna
2) Every Woman’s Battle (and the workbook) –Shannon Ethridge
3) Miniskirts, Mothers & Muslims –Christine A. Mallouhi
4) Do They Run When They See You Coming? –Jonathan McKee
5) This Beautiful Mess –Rick McKinley
6) A Fish Out of Water –George Barna
7) Why Not Women? –Cunningham & Hamilton
8) You Don’t Have To Cross The Ocean to Reach The World –David Boyd
9) Getting Honest With God –Mark Littleton
10) The Discipline of Grace –Jerry Bridges
11) The Pursuit of God –AW Tozer
12) Unveiling Mary Magdalene –Liz Curtis Higgs
13) Red Moon Rising –Greg & Roberts
14) Emotionally Healthy Spirituality –Peter Scazzero
15) Faith Teaching –Wamberg & Conaway
16) Can’t Wait for Sunday –Michael Walters
17) Litlith –George MacDonald
18) Leadership Essentials for Children’s Ministry Craig Jutila
19) Effective Youth Ministry –Fawcell & Nylen
20) After You Drop Them Off –Jeramy Clark
21) Amir sSalaam –Qawii
22) Leading from the Second Chair –Bonem & Patterson
23) Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry –Doug Fields (I’ve read about a quarter and I’m almost in my into my third year…)
24) Do Fish Know They’re Wet? –Tom Neven
25) The Ripple Church –Phil Stevenson
26) Walking on Water –Madeleine L-Engle

Removed from the Shelf:

27) Operation World –it’s more of a resource like a dictionary or encyclopedia
28) Lords of the Earth –it was miss shelved; I already read it two years ago
29) Evangelism: God’s Most Excellent Adventure –Mike MacNeil, I found this in the church library last year with it’s wonderful purple cover. It’s an older version of the Personal Evangelism text Born To Raze Hell.


Steph said...

What's Lilith? Lilith as in the lilith myth? could be intersting if it is. I can't read any of the other titles.

did you get my ravelry links?

Elizabeth said...

Steph, I am not sure what connect it has to the myth but it is classic MacDonald fantasy. This is from the back of the book, “…George MacDonald’s famous fairy tale…it is the story of Mr. Vane, an orphan and heir to a large house in which he has a vision that leads him through an old mirror into another world –and face to face with the ultimate mystery of evil.”

I liked the ravelry links. Not sure which one to use…there are just too many choices. So I am working on a pair of mittens.

Also wanted to note that I did not buy all the books on the “to read shelf”. Twelve were given to me and two were children’s ministry text books I wanted to reread now that I am in the thick of it.