Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Writer's Block

I have it. I don't think it is contagious. And it isn't deadly -except to my story. I've got a through lack of inspiration. I'm not sure what to write or where to go with my adventure.

I hate that I am just staring at the screen watching the curse blink at me as it waits for typing to start. The lack of inspiration has slipped into my blogging. This is all I got.

I'm going to go home and try to write 2,000 words....after I eat supper.

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Anonymous said...

Damn it; I just wrote a long and erudite passage about how to break the block.
And it has disappeared!

Basically, you can write a detailed description of what you see around you - either inside the house, or outside your window (the gravel of the driveway, or the bush at the corner of the lawn for example).
You can use that page or two as part of your word count - because words count in November.
When you are editing afterwards (in December or January for example), those words can be removed from your novel. But they can act as a catalyst for continuing your story.

The above is the short version of my previous advice.
All the best,