Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Moving Adventures - Step 2 to 7

I achieved a "new apartment milestone" tonight. I hosted my Life Group at my place. It was the most people I've had in my place since move day. I love my apartment. It is nice to feel comfortable enough in my new place that I want people to come visit. Also, I love my Life Group so  it was great to have the over.

The visit lead me to two realization. The first, yesterday was my one month anniversary in the new place and second with the move, mum's visit, Trunk or Treat, and now NaNoWriMo I never finished My Moving Adventures. So here goes:

Step 2: Ask For Help
One of my good friends has taken Randy Pausch's advice about the value of your time to heart. If you are ever asked to help someone move, only agree if they can give you the names of four other people. My second step was to ask friends if they would help move and confirm at least five where available to help on move day. I had many say yes, and the nice bonus of two families offering their trailers.

Step 3: Gather Support
In most moves the support comes for the people you ask in step two and your family. My family is two provinces away. So, for me gathering support was picking my mum up from the airport. I was so very fortunate that she was able to come two weeks before the move and stay one week after. It was the icing on the cake. I do not think I would have been ready on move day if she had not arrived. Her being here kept the move from being stressful and made sure I actually ate real food (no fast food for three weeks was wonderful). Also, I just love my mum and it was a joy to be able to spend so much time with her.

Step 4: Pre-Move Moving
I was fortunate that I had access to my new place a week before I needed to be out of the old. Everyday we moved a few boxes over trying to leave only the bigger boxes and furniture for move day. It was great to have the kitchen organized before the move.

Step 5: Safely Pack Plates
Right after I knew I was going to be moving I went on Pinterest searching of moving advice. The best pin I came across was The Frugal Girl's advice on how to pack dishes. We used it. It was great.

Step 6: Moving Day!
It was basic enough. Take stuff from old place to new place. The morning was a stress free move. The first couple with trailer was on time. Another family was running late. Yet it was smooth. Everything was over in two trips, minus my huge wardrobe. We set Mum up at the new place to direct where boxes should go. The delayed family arrived just before the first family needed to leave...the dad's figured out how to the wardrobe to my place. After goodbyes more hands arrived. The wardrobe was dismantled and reassembled downstairs. We had lunch. Last helper arrived as the other family needed to leave but all that was left was arranging things. It was a great move day!

If you were one of those wonderful people who helped me move -THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Step 7: Celebration
We went out for all you can eat sushi. It was wonderful!

And that wraps up my move. I apologize. I have yet to take pictures of the new place. I need to charge the camera battery and just keep forgetting to. There are a few things I still need to organize (mostly the bottle in the bathroom and my craft supplies). Yet it feels like home. I'm really excited to decorate for Christmas. It wasn't something I ever did in the old apartment but I love this place and want it to be festive. Must decorating till the novel is finished.

Novel Update: my characters are battling a giant cat
Word Count: 32,089 of 50,000

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Gloria Sigountos said...

that is awesome Liz! I' glad you like your new place.