Saturday, November 17, 2012

TV Talk: I Heart Meta-Moments

One of my favourite things in a TV show is a good meta moment. Meta moments are those times the writers remind you that these authors where on another show, or pay homage to another show in the same genre. I've mostly seen this happen on sci-fi shows like Stargate, Warehouse 13, and Sanctuary though one of the best examples is Castle:

This isn't the only Firefly nods to be found on Castle. November 5th's episode "The Final Frontier" was great for the meta. With Nathan Fillion saying "shiny," mentioning Joss Whedon, and the case being centered around a showing being cancelled, it warms this Browncoats heart.I loved loved the episode when Castle and Kate encounter two Chinese workers who can't understand English.
Castle says (in Chinese): "My partner is crazy and may start firing at any moment."
Kate asks: "Semester abroad?"
Castle: "No, a TV show I used to love."
Beckett: "Nice job."
Other meta moments that made me smile:

1) SG-1 -Patrick McKenna (Harold Green on The Red Green Show) guest starred as Dr. Jay Felger in the episode "The Other Guys". There is a moment he is packing his gear and just holds up a roll of duct tape.
2) SG-1 -The whole "Worm Hole Extreme" episode but especially the reference to Firefly and Farscape.
3) Sanctuary -when guest star Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson on SG-1) commented on liking Amanda Tapping's character's new look.
4) Warehouse 13 -not sure which episode but Myka said she didn't want to be a red shirt and her partner was excited she knew what that meant.

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