Sunday, November 04, 2012

Feeling Loved!

Today was a beautiful day. I love what I do. I truly believe being a youth and children's pastor at this church is exactly what God wants me to do and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Days like today remind me of that...and get me through some of the darker or stressful times. Today was our church's Pastor Appreciation celebration. The whole things was wonderful but there are two moments that stood out:

1) Someone wrote an acrostic for Liz, expanding on each word but it went:

2) A family shared with me a conversation with their son:

Son: Today's Pastor Appreciation
Parent: Yes
Son: I have two pastors, Pastor Scott and Pastor Liz
Parent: Yep
Son: I have an upstairs pastor and a downstairs pastor.

For this downstairs pastor, it was a good day.

Novel Update:
Word Count 4,109/50,000

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Nuchtchas said...

heh, downstairs pastor