Thursday, April 22, 2010

Merging Time

And then there were ten...It is an even split 5 Villains and 5 Heroes. Looks like the new team should be evenly matched but looks can be deceiving.

Last week JT, on behalf of the heroes, GAVE AWAY the hidden immunity idol to Russel? DUMBEST SURVIVOR MOVE EVER! Yes, I am yelling I am very passionate about my TV. This tops James going home with two idols and Erik giving away immunity. Maybe it doesn't top that last one, Erik made a bad play.

Why would JT think about making such a poor play? He thinks the Villains have an all girl alliance. Little does he know that Russel is running the show. Now the Mighty Russel Alliance has two immunity. Craziness!

It's hard to say what's going to happen this week. People are going to flip sides, people are going to betray each other, and someone is going to get blindsided....hard to say who

This Weeks's Predictions:
I think JT will win individual immunity.

If JT doesn't get immunity he's going home and if he does it will be Sandra will be voted out.


Robin said...

I am always impressed at how accurate your predictions are! I am so angry at JT for his STUPID move! And when he was questioned about the wisdom of the plan, he just dug his heels in. How are the heroes going to get out of this mess?!

Elizabeth said...

Sandra is going to flip? At first I thought that Jerri would flip but I think Parvati has a new friend for life with the shared idol.

I also think that Russell will now be out for Parvati because he'll see that her not telling him that she had an idol as a threat.