Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Jokes On You -Boston Rob

If you missed last week's Wednesday episode you missed a good one. Both tribes arrived at the immunity/reward challenge only to learn that they were competing for individual immunity AND both tribes had to go tribal council -craziness.

After both teams had a winner the heroes winner-Candice competed against the villains winner -Rob. Villains won reward, which was hot dogs and a chance to listen into the other teams tribal council (giving insight into the groups dynamics for the upcoming merge).

The best and most frustrating part was watching the villains prepare for council. Rob had the perfect fool proof plan. He explained it, he explained how Russell would counter. The six all agreed to follow the plan. Rob even warned Tyson...Tyson listened to Russell and went home. Grr. It was hard to watch Rob's alliance lose a strong player.

This Weeks's Predictions For Next Week’s Show:
Villains will win everything -again!
If Villains go to tribal council they'll vote out Parvati.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Candice.


Elizabeth said...

I've learned, what ever I predict will not happen. The Heroes had their first challenges sweep, winning both the reward and immunity.

Back at the villains camp it was another Rob vs. Russell and much to my disappointment Russell won. Since Rob is out I am 100% hoping for a heroes win.

Anonymous said...


In your profile you have changed occupations. When did that happen? I can't comment on survivor cause I watch it not.

Elizabeth said...

I think I changed the occupation shortly after starting at New Hope...I don't remember setting the industry as "accounting" so I am going to fix that.