Thursday, April 15, 2010

Survivor Thoughts

Half of my last week's predictions came true, the Heroes won! Continuing the four win streak. It was nice watching them win however the best moment was when the villains thought the tribes were going to merge. The packed up their whole camp, hiked it to the challenge only to be disappointed, and then had to take everything back after losing the reward challenge. I think I have a mean streak but it made me laugh.

After losing the immunity challenge villains tribe seemed to implode on each other. I was surprised Coach was voted off becoming the first member of the jury.

This Weeks's Predictions:
This week is hard to make predictions because everything depends on the merge. It is coming and it is coming soon but is it coming this week?

If there is no merge, the Heroes will win the both challenges. Their tribe is working well together where as the Villains seem to be self-destructing since they voted Tyson off.

I am going to keep last weeks voting predictions:
If Villains go to tribal council they'll vote out Courtney.
If Heroes go to tribal council they’ll vote out Amanda.

If there is a merge Courtney will go home.


tinajoybecker said...

I would just like to say that the Heroes just destroyed their chances of winning. Way to go JT! You will go down in history as making the dumbest move ever on Survivor!

Elizabeth said...

I totally agree. Stupid JT!