Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Last Day

Time seems to be speeding up. This was my last day as 25, how did it come to an end so soon? The year has been a wonderfully full with adventure, challenges and opportunity. I’m thankful for this year. I’ve met 20 of my 25 goals a few many happen in the future.

1 Dye my hair blue
3 Climb a mountain
4 Learn to snowboard
7 Fly a kite
8 Know six biblical passages
9 Take a long road trip
10 Make a snowman with my sister
11 Finish the Simiarilion
12 Have a garden
13 Finally put to paper the stories I tell my sister
14 Draw 12 pictures, one a month
15 Make some huge castle fort out of Lego
16 Climb a tree
17 Go on an over night hiking trip
18 Take my mom out for a special dinner
19 Visit a city I’ve never been to before
20 Go bowling
21 Take a college class -continuing learning
22 Watch a play (high school, local or Broadway)
23 25 meaningful conversations about God

Challenges Unfinished:
2 Jump out of an plane
5 Run a half marathon. Sadly I had to put on hold because of my asthma; I might try again some time in the future, maybe even this summer.
6 Learn how to make 25 new dishes. I did try nine new dishes this year.
24 Do a really challenging puzzle. I’ve started one but it appears that it will take much longer that a year to complete.
25 Host one of those murder mystery dinner parties. Friends and I had had plans to have such a party earlier this month.

Me up the tree I climbed


matthew said...

i am quite impressed by your completed list. not quite 100% like me, but it's easy when you have no goals!

Jo H. said...

wow. that's pretty incredible. you accomplished a lot. i'm kinda inspiried!